Fukuda Appliances Launches Quality and Affordable Android Tablets


Our friends from Fukuda sent their newest product, the Fukuda tablets at home for us to play around with and we are excited! I remember the brand Fukuda during it's early days mid-90's. During the year 2000's I remember Fukuda being everywhere with their DVDs.  Fast forward to 2015, the brand that started with Karaoke machines and radios is now carrying quality affordable tablet to us Filipinos!

Where else can you find a tablet that is more affordable than other brands out there. You'd be surprised with what Fukuda came up with. They released two kinds of tablets, the FCT-72RK8 and the FCT-93RK8. A 7" and a 9" tablet for games, surfing. managing social media accounts and also for minor work.

Here's what's inside the box.

1. Tablet (of course)
2. Charger (duh?)
3. User Manual
4. Micro USB to USB converter
5. Protective sleeve (It was a pleasant surprised that they had this included in the box. Yey!)
6. and they also added a Screen Protector! Now how awesome is that?!

Now let's check out the details of my 7" tab. In the front it's pretty much clean. Logo at the bottom and a 2MP camera in the front.

The back has a textured pattern for a better grip. Here you can also see the camera and speaker. The rear camera is also a 2MP camera. The sounds is a built in 1W speaker. The body is made up of plastic and aluminium metal.

There is also a mirco SD card slot up to 32GB at the back near the side where most of the functions and ports are. Volume control, micro USB slot, power button, a 3.5 mm earphone jack

The 7" tablet fits just right in my hands. These would be great for children who are studying. It isn't too small nor too big and heavy for my hands. 

I tried playing some videos via you tube and I didn't have any problems playing a 1080p on the tab with a decent connection. That means that the screen/video and connectivity of the device is decent. 

The tablet runs on Jellybean and it was quick enough to respond to my entertainment, gaming and Internet surfing needs. the bubbles on the screen that you see? I didn't do a good job installing the free screen protector. Ha ha ha I never really had any luck with those. :) Here's a screen shot of the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer.

After checking out videos, I tried playing some games. I didn't have any problems with it either! It ran on decent speed. I'm not saying that it's super fast but it was pretty good.

Here is a screen shot of the tab. The wallpaper is animated. We can see there that even with that running on the background, you can still check your social media sites, check emails, surf the web and play games!

I haven't really checked its battery life, but I noticed that when it's half charge and I leave it for a day or two on standby, the battery drains. I don't know if it's in my setting but that happened. I will try to see check the battery life one of these days.

Now for the price. The 9 inch tab costs P 4,500 while the 7 inch costs P3,000. Here is also the full specs of the tabs. It's quite similar. The only major difference is the size and battery. That's it.

For it's surprisingly affordable price, you get good quality tablet with decent specs and performance. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget. It is now available in some authorized resellers like SM Hypermarket, Puregold, Shopwise, Anson’s and other leading department stores nationwide. As for service and warranty, I think they offer the standard 1 year warranty, maybe even more. I'm just not sure at this time. They have two service centers for you to rely on. They have centers in Paranaque and in Cubao area. 

If you ask me, I'm pretty impressed with Fukuda's device. Bang for your buck indeed. Check out Fukuda's website http://www.fukuda-asia.com/ and like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fukuda.appliances.

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