[Fashion] Animal House Apparel Pop-up Store.

Animal House Fashion Pop-up Store
I saw this earlier today at the Mall of Asia. It's a pop-up store of this new fashion brand named "Animal House". They are located near the skating ring and carries a decent selection of polos, shorts and pants. Every piece has an embroidered character patch on the left chest. Each piece has around 3-4 variations.

Here's a photo I grabbed from their Facebook page. Check out those cool designs on your polo.

Quality is decent and designs are simple yet fashionable. I asked the guy which company is the brand connected with, he mentioned that it is with same group with Mint. Yeap. I was surprised and somehow glad for the brand. The brand Animal House is a brand from Bangkok, Thailand shared when I asked where is the brand from. I guess that explains the cute and cool patch designs. The witty characters reminded me of the brand COMME des GARÇONS.

Polos / long sleeves ranges from P 1,500 - 1,800 and the pants, plays around on that price range as well.

I asked if they already have branches somewhere else, the guy said nope, the pop-up store was the only one for now. With the simplicity in design and by the looks of the quality, I think that it wouldn't be long before Animal House will have its own boutique in mall. I just hope that they position the brand nicely and improve the price range of the brand. With all of the other international brands now available in our reach, fashion brands need to be a bit more competitive. 

I didn't have time to buy or fit any of their shirts or pants, so I'm not really sure with how is the cut and fit. I'm guessing that the pieces are of Asian size. Hopefully it fits well for most of us.

So if you want to take a look at it, be sure to visit Mall of Asia and check out the Animal House there. Check out the logo and other characters of the Animal House.

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