Instax WanderLaunch Features New Products!


Snap! SnAP-SNAP! Instax recently had an event at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery & Cafe at their branch in Trinoma. 

They unveiled two new color of their Instax Mini 8. For those who don't know, Instax camera is a more fun way of sharing and keeping photos. It combines the retro style with the cutting-edge technology.

The event was attended was hosted and also attended by bloggers. Aside from the unveiling, the bloggers got to participate in the Instax Hunt Game, others enjoyed the Instax Photobooth and got excited with the Raffle Draw.

The event had a bit of games and some trivia also. One of the questions is, do we know how can an instax produce an instant print in just a few seconds. :)

Okay, let me give you the two new colors first. New colors Grape and Raspberry caught the eyes of the ladies in the room. Now how can a lady resist those yummy colors?

The instax mini lineup of instant film cameras enables consumers to write messages on high quality, credit card-sized photos immediately. Photo enthusiasts around the world can easily enjoy the unique feature of having an analog image that can be taken anywhere and shared with family and friends.

Next item they revealed was the new instax mini 90 Neo Classic. This type of camera appeals to a wider consumer audience that wants the fun of an instax instant film camera and the elegance of a refined and sophisticated colors. Available in brown and black.

Next is they also introduced the large size film used for instax WIDE. They also introduced the new Instax Wide 300
Takuya Maeda presenting and comparing the old bigger Instax and the new Instax wide.
One cool advantage of this ons is the instax camera has a tripod socket that is useful for group photos. It also has a fill-in flash by flash-on button back lighting to enhance the photos. (6,999php)

Lastly, they revealed the Instax Mini Hello Kitty! This is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the favorite Japanese iconic fictional character. The camera features a 60mm move in/out type lens and comes with a 0.37x real image viewfinder. With a 0.6 - ∞ focus range, the Instax mini Hello Kitty camera has 1/60 sec shutter speed and constant firing (auto light adjust) flash which has a range of 0.6m –2.7 m. It also has a mirror that is perfect for self portraits.

Mr. Takuya Maeda explained that only Hello Kitty has a special kind of film.
For only, P 4,999, the  package includes: instax mini Hello Kitty, camera strap, hello kitty stickers, hello kitty instax mini film

One of their ambassadors was also present during the event. They played her online video about the Instax Share. Where you can take a photo of your phone and print it directly from your phone into their fancy printer. Voila! Instax! :)

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Too bad I didn't win their raffle, It could have been my first Instax...maybe next time. :)

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