Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2014 Event Coverage


Jason Mraz! Yeap! Finally! I was able to watch him perform live after missing all of his previous concerts here in Manila. The concert happened on November 27, 2014, the night before my birthday so it was actually a nice gift for myself. :) Jason Mraz will also brought his latest collab album partner 'Raining Jane' as part of their tour. 

I'm used to seeing Toca Rivera with Jason, even in some video and performances in the past, but I think Raining Jane adds depth and more character to the music giving a new flavor and feel to the songs.

The ticket prices for the show reached around P 6,000 and the lowest was at around P900. Lucky for me, we have really good friends. :)

One thing I really like with how Jason Mraz perform is that he takes the audience into a journey. He doesn't just play his hits but also interacts with the crowd and fills the place with his positivity.

He also shared photos he took on some of his tour and educated the crowd about the global warming which was actually a nice reminder and an eye opener for some of the crowd.

After the performance, the crowd was chanting more and they obliged the crown. They played around two more of his hits and that was the end of Jason Mraz's concert in Manila. It's going to be a while again, before I see MRAZ again. So I'm going to take it all in. :) 

Oh, what's so cool about it also is I got a signed poster of their show by Mraz. Now how about that?!

Thank you Ovation Productions and MMI! :)

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