Rico Blanco is Valda Pastilles Cool Ambassador


I remember when I was young when dad used to buy the green, conical-shaped, chewy pastilles called Valda Pastilles. I'm sure almost all of us have encountered this addictive treat for your throat. 

Valda Pastilles has been around for a while and has been soothing throats for more that a hundred years. And now, Valda Pastilles kept cool and raised the level of coolness with their newest endorser, Rico Blanco. 

The launching happened at the Alphonse Bistro in Pasig hosted by the wonderful Gelli Victor, last September 11,2014 where the brand also launched their new TV commercial with Rico and his new single which he wrote entitled "Time For You". The collaboration created a fresh song with cool vibes. The full length music video was also revealed, the single was soothing like Valda Pastilles.

We asked the representative from Valda Pastilles on why they decided on Rico Blanco as their endorser. She shared that Rico Blanco was perfect for the brand because of his oozing cool persona. Not only is he one of the most talented musicians in the country but his voice alone holds a refreshing power that can captivate the hearts of every Filipino with just the first note, much like how Valda Pastilles gives instant cooling sensation in every chew 

We also asked if there's a limit on how many Valda Pastilles can we can consume. Their response is 'none'. As long as you can take the mint taste, you can have as many as you can. 

Having Rico Blanco there wasn't complete without him performing. So he did. He performed his new song live for the media and guests at the venue.

Rico's tips for us? Always have Valda Pastilles around with you coz you'll never know when you'll need to soothe and cool your throat. . 

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/valdapilipinas
for product inquiries and concerns, email pv.phils@ph.aspenap.com or call 792-8000.

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