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Galaxy Tab S. Samsung's Flagship Tablet.

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Samsung has just revealed in NY their latest product. The Galaxy Tab S comes in two sizes. The 8.4 and 10.5 inches. 

Marketing the tabs as a high end tablet focusing on entertainment and consumption. The Galaxy Tab S has a high-res SuperAMOLED display with 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. Going head to head with the iPad's "retina" display. Samsung representatives shares that the screen technology gives out better color and deep contrast. What's good about it is that it consumes less power than the LCD displays in other tablets.

Samsung says its screen technology gives better color and deeper contrast while consuming less power than the LCD displays in most tablets. Until now, Samsung has kept SuperAMOLED displays only in phones, now it's on their latest tab.

The new Galaxy Tab S have a fingerprint scanner, borrowed from the Galaxy S5. Up to eight people can use fingerprints to log into different profiles on the device.

Magazine Mode which is common on Samsung Tablets will also be available in the new Tab S, but an upgraded version. The new Magazine will have a personal timeline, where you can find your calendar alerts and notifications in one place.

The Tab S will also have its own magazine platform named Papergarden. Partnering up with Condé Nast, Marvel Comics National Geographic, who both said they would bring titles to Papergarden, complete with interactive features.

With the Marvel partnership, Marvel executive Joe Quesada said Samsung products would be featured inAvengers: Age of Ultron, due to hit theaters in 2015.

Thinner than the iPad Air. Both of the Tabs are just 6.6mm thin and 16.4 ounces for the large and 10.4 ounce for the smaller one. 

Colors of the Tab will be white and bronze. Accessories like covers and keyboard will also be available. 

One of the many features of the Tab will be the Sidesync where you can pair with a Galaxy S5 and the multiwindow feature from the Note2. The Sidesync can mirror the Tab let's screen to a smaller virtual window and take calls on the tablet. This feature can also be used for transferring files. 

Not sure yet on the price of this Galaxy Tab S but I'm sure it will be competitive enough to confuse you on what Tab you will buy for Christmas or in the next coming months. 

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