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Starbucks Philippines has officially launched the Premium Starbucks Reserve. If you are wondering what this is, it is the world's most exotic, rare and exquisite coffees harvested in different parts of the world. Right now, the Starbucks Reserve coffees will be available in limited quantities. And be cause it is limited, these rare coffee beans will be available only at exclusive Starbucks Reserve stores only, these selected stores will feature a specialty bar where customers would be able to discover unique flavors of each Starbucks Reserve coffee.

Right now, there are four kinds of ultra-premium coffee available in Starbucks Reserve stores.

Starbucks Reserve Sun-Dried Ethiopia Yigacheffe, Starbucks Reserve Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate, Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico and the Starbucks Reserve Sumatra Blue Batak.

Now let's get to know these Starbucks Reserve coffees. First up is the Sumatra Blue Batak
Came from the southern shores of Lake Toba, which is Sumatra's prized coffee-growing region, Batak tribe members grow big, bold coffee that is smooth and has an earthly taste. Has a deep, slurpy body and sweet herbal notes. Trivia: Maybe you are wondering why it's called Blue Batak. Well after the ripest cherries are handpicked, they're painstakingly wet-hulled in small batches. The unique processing method, which requires constant attention due to the humid climate, gives the unroasted beans a distinct blue tint and contributes to the complex herbal flavor.

Next up is the Starbucks Reserve Finca Nuevo Mexico
Harvested from one of the world's most biologically diverse areas, The El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Mexico's Sierra Made de Chiapas mountains is a family owned farm by the Finca Nuevo. The place is a lush area and a refuge for rare wild life, the remaining area produces a bright, complex, uniquely flavored coffee bean. During the pour-over tasting, I was able to experience its toasty aromas with candied citrus and brown sugar sweetness. Certainly, one extraordinary coffee.

Next is I think my favorite of the four, the Sun-Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

It was my first time trying this one, the coffee smelled really good and when I tasted it, I was able to get a hint of berries. There were some hints of strawberry, cherry and some chocolate notes. The Sun-dried coffees from Ethiopia are renowned all over the world for their lush, intense flavors. 
These beans are harvested over 6,000 feet above sea level where there is perfect melding of sun, air and soil. After harvesting, they're carefully dried on raised beds, absorbing the sweet juiciness of the ripe fruit surrounding them. Expect a wild burst of berry with your every sip.

Last of the four is the Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate.

Nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, the rich soil of the Terranova Estate is the home of the Zambia Peaberry. It is a medium-bodies coffee with notes of apple and vanilla. It also consists of smaller handpicked peaberry beans which when roasted provides a medium body and acidity that pairs well with citrus apples and chocolate. If you like something fruity with a hint of vanilla. This one is for you. 

Starbucks peeps were able to share that this particular coffee bean is super limited. They are not sure on when it will come back again but surely they only have a few Zambia left.

Now, if you're asking on how much these beans are...
Sun-Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe P 795
Finca Nuevo mexico P595
Sumatra Blue Batak P595
Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate P795

Remember that these Starbucks Reserve Coffees are available exclusively in Starbucks Reserve stores. Right now, There are two store on where you can get these beans.
Starbucks Reserve Tomas Morato & Starbucks Reserve 8 Forbes Town

They will also be opening three more Starbucks Reserve stores soon.
Starbucks Reserve in Keyland Centre, Central Square and Signa

When you visit the Reserve store, you will notice that they also differ in design and the look/feel of the store. You can try and check the ones that are open.

Now here are photos during the launch and tasting of the Starbucks Reserve coffees

Head of Marketing Mr. Keith welcoming the guests and sharing to us how excited Starbucks Philippines is that they are finally offering the Premium Starbucks Reserve.

Mr. Keith and Kareena - Starbucks Philippines Marketing


Ms. Angs who is in-charge of operations also shared that one of the reasons why it is only now that they launched the Starbucks Reserve, She said that before, they felt that the market in Philippines is not ready. But now, people are starting to appreciate coffee and a there are a lot of coffee connoisseurs who looks for that rare and exotic coffee. That is one of the reasons why they are launching it now.

Photos above are the wonderful team of Starbucks Philippines. Such nice people and infectious love for good coffee. Thanks for always inviting me to your launches. Much love and power to you guys! 

Oh I almost forgot. The Starbucks Reserve Stores have Exclusive food in their line up which I will share with you on my next post. Also, I'll give you the recommended pairing for those Starbucks Reserve Coffee. :)

Until then, visit the Starbucks Reserve store to see what I'm talking about. :)

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