FLAT Technology. Solution to wobbly tables.

Picture this.

You're all fixed up, ready to dine out with your friends or family. Maybe even an important meeting or a much awaited date. You arrived at your favorite restaurant because you love their food and ambiance. Then suddenly your table starts to wobble. Drinks were served and when you stepped on the base of the table it wobbled again, the drink spilled and ended up ruining your shirt and your companion's shirt/dress. There you go. A perfect example on how these small things and details could make a difference.

If you are the type who hates wobbly tables like me raise your hand. Ever tried putting folded up tissues on the legs of the table just to make it stable? Yeap I do, and even if it's stable, the two tables that are put together for you is not aligned with each other, the other one higher than the other. These are some of the things that ruins those special moments when you are enjoying good food with your friends and loved ones.

Many restaurants suffer from this simple but rampant rampant problem of wobbly tables. It has become a habit of restaurants staff in placing some kinds of leverage like wood, tissues and others just to make the table steady and even. FLAT® Technologies is a new innovative products that solves this problem. The brand saw this problem and addressed it.

FLAT® Technologies is simple. It finds the level on ANY uneven surface instantly. There's a hydraulic PAD (Patented Actuator Device) technology that is located at the base of the table. It instantly react to the movement or change in environment. The technology is unique because each point of contact with the ground it has been in engineered to have its own hydraulic cylinder fitted within the leg, and all the cylinders are interconnected with fluid hoses. 
When the first leg makes contact with the ground, the fluid in that cylinder is forced out through the hoses and into the other legs. The smart valves inside then lock until the table moves position again. This technology not only eradicates the wobbly table but also allows users of FLAT® table bases to align 2 or more table tops perfectly and serve customers hassle free.

FLAT is an Australian product that provides the no. 1 solution to wobbly tables. In 2012, Living Space Home Furnishings became the first and only distributor of FLAT in the Philippines. The technology has also been recognized with as "Engineering Excellence Award" by the Engineers Australia (Sydney division). 

With Flat Technologies, you can fix uneven table by simply applying pressure on parts of the table. 
Even on uneven surfaces, tables can still be aligned and even.

With Flat technologies, it also comes with a specially designed table base for the mini hydraulics.

To date Spatzle Euro Market in Shangri-La Plaza Mall - East Wing, newly opened Roots Market Bistro in Promenade Greenhills, Kos Greek Ouezeri in UP Town Center, Mixin’ Bowl in SM North EDSA, newly opened Kitchitora in Glorietta 5,, Chef Robert in Banawe, Mann Hann in Robinsons Magnolia, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, and Tokyo Bubble Tea and Shakey’s in Katipunan, among others, have incorporated FLAT® tables in their restaurants to make sure the customer's dining experience is at its best.

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