Quick Review on the Bose OE2 Headphones.


The Bose OE2 Headphones are more compact than the first OE that Bose released. OE stands for "on ear". This particular headphones is very lightweight and comfortable. It features a foldable design which is good for most of us who just throws everything in our bag. 

The headphones is light and smaller than other headphone in the market today. It has an excellent fit and comfort to what ever type of head you have. In the weather here in the Philippines, your ears might get a little steamy but they used a material that wouldn't give heat to your ears.

Bose included a carrying case for this this headphones. A good accessory that comes with the box for free which will protect your headphones from possible squeezing or tangling.

I'm actually an over-ear kind of listener, I want my ears to be fully covered and feel like it's protected in a way. The headphones doesn't have any noise cancellation feature in this headphones, but makes up for the balance and natural sound that it produces.

I was able to compare it with other headphones that I have, and the sound quality is almost the same. The base, mid and treble sound excellent. For audiophiles out there who's looking for a good set of headphone and not too expensive, this BOSE OE2 would be a good start for you.

Bose OE2 comes in two colors.

Priced at P8,900 (around P200 dollars) Overall, I think that this one perfect pair for me. It is very comfortable, lightweight and super portable. Perfect for my everyday use, commuting, in the office and when watching a movie on my laptop. Size and comfort. That's it for me. I recommend this one to music lovers and audiophiles out there. 

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