Rich Kids of Beverly Hills New Series Announced by E!


E!’s new series documents the lives of five friends living in a world of extreme wealth who achieved social media infamy documenting their lavish spending, over the top lifestyles and high priced drama on Instagram and Twitter. Premiering on February 9 at 10pm on E! SkyCable Channel 57, Cablelink Channel 33, and Cignal Channel 25.

Whoever said “money can’t buy happiness” has never met the charming and well-high-heeled Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. These young socialites of the 90210 live way beyond the highlife in an extravagant world where millionaire twenty-somethings are armed with black cards, tiny dogs and loads of Louboutins. 

As the children of some of the most wealthy families and billionaire and millionaire moguls, this exclusive clique of friends, each with their own unique relationships, goals and heartaches, come together to party, play and relate to each other’s distinctive lifestyles. The often dramatic bunch reached internet celebrity documenting their extravagant lifestyles on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

But money isn’t everything and each of these outspoken young adults, some driven by their parents’ looming threat to cut off their funds, are trying to find their place in the world and make names for themselves with careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

The five stylish socialites featured in the series are growing up in a world where their wildest dreams are just a private jet and a tweet to their fun-loving friends away. However, even for kids who have it all, friendships are always being tested as superficiality can run deep in Bev Hills, and a love life in a world of limitless access is nearly impossible. And while some of the heirs are determined to step out of the shadow of their patriarchs and be taken seriously as they attempt to make their own millions in their individual pursuits, others who are sitting pretty are about to be disheartened and dethroned when their parents swap their couture clothing for blue collar pantsuits. Led by bosom buddies Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, the five friends, virtually plucked from Clueless with a modern makeover, are inviting cameras into their lavish lives for a look inside their highly exclusive world.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is just one of the exciting programs being offered by E!. The leading 24-hour up-to-the-minute destination of pop culture content, E! gives viewers around the world exclusive access to the world’s most talked about topics and personalities.

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