Century Tuna unveils Superbods Super Challenge website.


There's a new website that features a daily diet and workout plan. Designed to show everybody that everybody can be a Superbod. Yep and it's all for free! 

Century Tuna unveiled the My Road to Superbods website http://www.centurytuna.ph/superbodschallenge. It's actually an online portal that features a daily diet and workout plan.

The Daily diet and workout plan was put together by two of the country’s most trusted and most popular fitness experts. Meal Plan by top dietitian Nadine Tengco, and the Century Tuna Superbods Workout Plan by Coach Jim Saret. 

Ms. Nadine Tengco shared that if it's belly and love handle area, its hers. If it's muscles and fitness, it Coach Jim Saret's area. They both shared that it's not just about losing weight and building muscles. We also have to eat the right food at the right amount.

Nadine is a US-certified fitness nutritionist who designed the Detox-in-a-Bottle. Initially developed in 2009 for her celebrity clients, the program became hugely popular. The soups and juices had since been standardized and are now being prepared by her partners and distributors. 
Meanwhile, Coach Jim is the founder and training director of APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement) Sports Training. A former National Athlete, he completed his Master's Degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training at Brigham Young University in the United States. While in the US, he worked with elite olympic athletes, professional athletes, world-class sports science/sports medicine specialists and training centers.

“We all know that Century Tuna Superbods is one of the most awaited summer events in the country and this year, we’re making it even more exciting by enjoining our consumers to be part of the Superbods experience,” said Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc.

He adds, “This year’s Century Tuna Superbods is all about Transformation. We believe that this event will become more meaningful if we can help transform our loyal consumers into Superbods themselves. With the My Road to Superbods website, we’re making it possible for them to work on becoming fit and healthy. It’s a huge effort for us – we’ve tapped two of the country’s most trusted fitness experts to put this website together – but it’s something worth doing as part of our commitment to promoting health and fitness among Filipinos.”

On the Meal Plan page, Nadine will share recipes – some of which include Century Tuna products – that everyone can follow. Delicious and healthy, Century Tuna contains Omega 3, which helps burn body fat, shrink abdominal fat cells and stop certain genes that trigger inflammation on belly fat, in addition to promoting a healthy heart. 

On the Workout Plan page, Coach Jim Saret will upload his 6-week workout challenge schedule, which combines aerobic, cardiovascular, weight training, and stretching exercises, among others.

During the presscon, they served healthy food that is actually part of the healthy meal plan that Ms. Nadine Tengco have online. Coach Jim Saret gave a few tips and tutorial on basic workouts. I will seriously try all of this and prepare myself for my Bora invasion. :)

The launch of the My Road to Superbods website is a run-up to the Century Tuna Superbods Super Challenge, the hottest and most awaited summer event in the Philippines. It will be held on April 25-27, 2014 in the country’s ultimate beach destination, Boracay.

For this competition, Century Tuna gathers males and females between 18 to 35 years old with a fit and healthy body and passion for healthy lifestyle. Celebrities also flock to the event, which promises fun activities, parties, freebies and treats for beach lovers.

Below are more photos of the presscon.

The event was hosted by the ever energetic and beautifully fit Gelli Victor

Century Tuna Superbods 2013 Winners 

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