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Ginza Bairin New Menu Items and New Branch!

By December 03, 2013 ,

It was my first time eating at Ginza Bairin or any katsu place, good thing also is that they are introducing their new items on their menu. They just opened their second branch in the newest Ayala Development UP Town Center in Quezon City. Their first one was in Glorietta 2.

With the recent craze of Katsu here in the Philippines, you guys would be surprised that I haven't eaten in one and didn't really have that much craving, good thing there was this opportunity.

Ginza Bairin

So we headed to this fairly new place, prepared my appetite and the moment I stepped in, my perspective of eating katsu changed. The place had a simple store front and simple detailed but warm interiors.I guess knowing the Japanese and their simple take on things.  It was actually nice, you just gotta love their simplicity.
Ginza Bairin

Okay, just so you know, Ginza Bairin is one of the pioneers of the modern Japanese Katsu house. They have been making waves with its three generations old Katsu recipe as well as its critically acclaimed Katsudon often hailed as the no.1 Donburi in Japan. Now, Ginza Bairin is here and now more accessible than ever. 
Ginza Bairin

I was able to sit down with Scott Tan who is the Managing Director of Ginza Bairin. (Who's also managing Bonchon). Scott said that they are really happy with the feedback the reception that they received from the customers. “We are truly grateful for the very warm reception. Due to popular demand, we are very happy to expand to the north of Manila to allow more access and enjoyment of our delicious katsu,”  shared Scott. “We’re glad to give a taste of Japan right here in Metro Manila.” He added.


Here's a short history of Ginza Bairin's Authentic Katsu.
Founded by Nobukatsu Shibuya, Ginza Bairin started in 1927 in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Ever since then they have been serving the most delicious katsu the Japanese people have ever tasted.

Now, Diners here in the Philippines can enjoy the incomparable Ginza Bairin authentic katsu in a variety of delicious ways.
First, as tonkatsu, or pork cutlet; 
Second, as Katsu Sando
an original Ginza Bairin creation of crisp hire katsu sandwiched between soft, freshly baked bread, and seasoned with two special sauces; and 
Third, as Special Katsudon, often hailed "Number One Donburi in Japan."

Anyways, we were there because we were treated to try out their new food item addition to their menu and here it is!

Ginza BairinGinza Bairin

Some fo the dishes that was served were Seafood, Pork and there were also some for the Vegetarians. This one right here is the Premium Seafood Set. P 575.00
Ginza Bairin
Hiroshima oyster, jumbo US Sea Scallop, Black Tiger Prawn, and the luxurious Kani Cream Korokke (made of crab meat and cream) all prepared in the ethereally crisp Ginza Bairin way.

They have this really good dish. Juicy premium ground pork seasoned with choice ingredients. The Mixed Set D P 595.00. What's a nice addition to it is the creamy Cheddar cheese. You can have it in katsu set or a complement of spice-filled curry. I tell you that it is a must-try!
Ginza BairinGinza Bairin

Now for the vegetarians, the delightfully fresh and hearty Vegetarian Kushi Katsu P 295.00 has eggplant, green capsicum, pumpkin, sweet onion, and quail egg in skewers and fried to a delicate lightness and drizzled with a delightful mirin sauce.

Ginza Bairin

Enjoy all of these with diners’ favorite Ginza Bairin Teishoku, which elevates the concept of set meal with endless enjoyment of Japanese Koshihikari rice, fresh cabbage salad and dressings, miso soup, seasonal tsukemono (Japanese pickles), and genmaicha (Japanese brown rice tea). All teishoku also include a serving of seasonal fresh fruit.

They also have some really nice new appetizers like the Chawan Mushi. P 100.00 or add it to any Ginza Bairin Teishoku. A silky, savory egg custard with seafood. Yum!
Ginza Bairin

Next it the Hiyayakko Tofu P 95.00 A traditional Japanese appetizer of cold silken tofu with a variety of toppings.
Ginza Bairin 

Another good new addition is the Kani Mango Salad. They serve it in Regular P 180.00 and in Large P 345.00 portion.
Ginza BairinGinza Bairin
Their Kani salad was a medley of kani, ripe mango, mixed greens, fresh tomato, and ebiko (prawn roe) with Japanese mayo.

They also have a new refreshing drink! The Ginza Bairin's Watermelon Mint Shake, combining the sweetness of watermelon and the freshness of mint. P 100.00
Ginza Bairin
It was really good. I had like two servings of this shake. :)

Capping it all off, we enjoyed the new Matcha Vanilla Panna Cotta P 95.00 -- green tea with a creamy vanilla custard and a touch of delightful citrus.
Ginza Bairin

Now if those didn't make you try Ginza Bairin or go back again to try out these new item, I don't know what will. :)

But before everything ended, Scott served our table with their famous Katsudon.
Ginza Bairin

The Ginza Bairin Special Katsudon is a combination of tender hire (pork tenderloin) katsu, Japanese Koshihikari rice, and an intense broth that’s been simmered for hours topped off by a double serving of golden farm fresh eggs earning this dish the moniker, the “Number One Donburi in Japan.”

This Katsudon is somewhat special because of the double serving of eggs. One is mixed into the pork, the second one is an organic egg placed on top. The yolk itself is orange, not yellow. That's why they call it Special Katsudon. (P395 for the Special Katsudon set.)

Ginza Bairin

Visit Ginza Bairin in the first store in Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City  (Call 553-7350) or now at the newest Ayala Development in UP Town Center, Ground Floor, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City (Call 0917-871-0041).

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