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I became a fan of Uniqlo and instantly became one of my top fashion brands when it officially opened here in the Philippines. Why? Well they basically have everything! Whenever I need an outfit for an event or just any basic lifestyle clothing need. May it be casual, semi formal, for partying and just for hanging around, Uniqlo has products that is of good quality, has the right fit at an affordable price.

Uniqlo invited me with a couple of fashion bloggers, we are to style students, call center agents and music DJs. Here's what we came up with.

For the School is Cool category. We dressed up our student Ryndon Marc Buragay with a bit more relaxed and a bit less preppy. Gone are the days when you go with your long/short collared shirt with cardigan on top and khaki pants and leather shoes. Students these days are more adventurous when it comes to fashion. Many of them wants to stand out and with this ensemble, I'm sure they will...Just bring the right attitude and you're good to go.

Denim long sleeves with a statement graphic tee inside.

For a more relaxed and comfortable khaki shorts

Adding some accents like a solid belt that can be use for any occasion.

and a black bonnet and glasses finishes a nice student touch.
Something that is Hip and Relaxed. Ryndon will surely turn the ladies' heads with an outfit that just screams confidence with laid back attitude. Get ready Ryndon!

Total outfit cost.  - P 3,260
Heattech Knit Cap P 590
Denim Shirt 1,290
Fender T-shirt - P 590
Side Stich Belt - P 790 (originally P 990)
*Eyeglasses not yet included.

For our Music DJ Isha Baui, We went for a more rocked out party outfit with a bit of classy pieces. How can you move right hitting those beats with a skirt right? DJs now wear skinny jeans just like the one Isha is wearing. Just right for a Casual Friday look. By the way, Uniqlo has the most awesome legging / skinny jeans / jeggings out in the market.

Three layered piece top. Black inner shirt, collared long sleeves with camouflage patter and a dark denim jacket. Add a touch of a neutral black scarf which they can use for any occasion.
Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (22 of 34)

As you can see, the length of the long sleeves top and jacket is just right for the type of body frame that Isha has. Perfectly fit skinny dark pants, everyone needs at least on good decent pants. Uniqlo has lots of em.

Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (26 of 34)

DJs doesn't wear uniforms. Sometimes they wear just shirts, some long sleeves, but with this ensemble, Isha can wear all three or just mix and match depending on the venue. Fun, energetic and just full of awesomeness. Isha describes this outfit of her as something that she is comfortable with. Something that she can definitely wear while giving out some awesome sick beats! An outfit that is good from morning till late night music sessions.

Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (20 of 34)

Isha's ensemble cost - P 4,950
Women's Legging Pants P 990
Cotton Shirt P 990 (Originally P 1,290)
Stole (scarf) - P 990
Cotton Shirt P 990
Women's Denim Jacket - P 990

For our BPO Associate Isabel Ballesteros, Just basic layering, black mini dress (which can be folded into a shirt), patterned long sleeves and a popped out colored pants. Too much layering is not her style for any jacket can be paired with this youthful and functional outfit. So we decided to go with this...The Manic Mondays.

For her petite size, Uniqlo's pants also fits nicely on her.
Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (32 of 34)

The semi-loose patterned long sleeves that she has on acts as an added protection from her office's air conditioning temperature. The type that is surely to stand out from the crowd. Isabel also like to play around with the top and tie it up for an added style. Add the Uniqlo watch and she's all set to rock out the office.

Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (29 of 34)

Playful and happy. An outfit that Isabel likes to wear whenever she has a very busy schedule ahead with a get together at the end of her shift.

Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (30 of 34)
Isabel's ensemble cost - P 3,970
Women's Ultra Jeans - P 1,990
Women's Cotton shirt - P 990 (Originally P1,290)
Printed Shirt - P 990 (originally 1,290)

As for me, the Blogger and for the Flash Fashion look, I decided to go for a bit more more than my usual jeans and shirt.

I chose the basic white long sleeves that they have. Paired it up with a really nice earth toned color brown jacket for layering. A nice blue pants with belt and glasses accessories.

Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (27 of 34)

I just love how the long sleeves fits nicely on my body frame. The collar and texture of it is nice, I can instantly feel the fabrics quality. I'm a guy that likes basic and safe colors. But I do have a couple of Uniqlo pieces that stands out. As for the jacket, they used a really nice fabric that doesn't wrinkle much and not too thick. Material is breathable and is easy to wear.
Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (34 of 34)

Went for a brown leathered braided belt for a classic touch on my outfit. Nice Uniqlo watch too! I've quite long arms so this perfect length on the long sleeves and jacket and comfortable pants.
Uniqlo Ermita Fashion Challenge (28 of 34)

My outfit cost - P 4,460
Wide Mesh Belt - P 790 (originally P 990)
Jersey Jacket - P 1,990
Oxford Shirt - P 990 (originally 1,290)
Colored Jeans - P 690 (originally 990)
*Eyeglasses not yet included.

There are some apparel brands that looks good on display but just doesn't feel right when you wear them. What I like about Uniqlo is that it is Fashionable, affordable, and it feels right! (Fit, Quality and Feel). So for a marketing guy who's always meeting new people, a blogger who goes around attending and covering events, I think this outfit is just right for my lifestyle. 

My group is actually in competition with other group. So I do hope you guys can help us win by commenting and liking the photos here. :)

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*Post to be updated with apparel price.

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  1. the fit of the bottoms in every outfit is soooo unflattering. the scarf was unnecessary for the second outfit (it was already overcrowding.), the cuff of the jacket was folded wrong, and the watch was tacky for the outfit. Third outfit would've worked if the pants were in the right fit, if the shirt was a size smaller, and if the ends of the button-down weren't tied at the waist (tying shirt ends at the waist doesn't work and never will.). First outfit was good...had the denim shirt been more fit and the shorts a little bit shorter. Fourth outfit was by far, the best outfit you've come up with. Had the pants been more fit, it would've been better.

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