Globe HealthCloud is set to make health care and our lives easy for us.

Dr. Nicky Montoya (Medicard President), Ms. Malu Florendo, CEO of LiFEDATA Systems, Inc and 
Mr. Gil Genio Globe COO for Business

Globe has just announced its latest venture into the healthcare industry with their HealthCloud. So what is the Globe HealthCloud? It  is their latest web-based solution that gives real-time access to health information within the healthcare ecosystem. What's good is that the use of it is secure with convenient access.

A patient-centric solution that connects healthcare stakeholders and increase operational efficiency while improving the quality of patient care. Globe HealthCloud is divided into three applications. HealthCloud HMO, HealthCloud MD and HealthCloud Patient.

Health Cloud HMO is a system that Globe developed to revolutionize HMO process with online scheduling and claims handling. Imagine making your life easy with online scheduling. The software automates communication and transactions between the HMO and the patients, doctors and diagnostic clinics.

HMO Cloud MD is a digital representation of medical files specific to a physician, practice or organization . By replacing paper process with this automated cloud-based solution, doctors can now increase clinical efficiencies and provide better patient care.

Last one is the HealthCloud an electronic health information system that helps organize and store personal health record. No more bulky cabinets and lost documents. Everything now is in the HealthCloud. Ease of access and sharing of information to healthcare providers.

So what benefits do you get from using the HealthCloud?
Efficiency on appointment booking, documentation of consultations, fast referrals to laboratories and providing electronic prescriptions to pharmacies. The HealthCloud allows faster processing of the doctor's professional fee and diagnostic clinics' collectibles from HMO.

Imagine everything you know on health services and making it all easy for the doctors, physicians and the patients. Certainly an innovation that is will ultimately make life better for us Filipinos.

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