Zoo York Watches ready to make you stand out.

Zoo York watches brings hard edge and street-savvy to your style with their new collection. These watches are heavily influenced by skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, punk, and everything in between, the global retailer’s timepieces teem with East Coast spunk and grit.

Accessories makes the difference and to guys who wants to increase their daily style can effortlessly pull together look with the ultimate mancessory like a statement-making watch. Whether for all-around wear, sports activities, or formal occasions, Zoo York’s eclectic collection features timepieces suited to various lifestyles and preferences.

As with everything else in one’s wardrobe, a watch¾being a personal adornment¾reflects the individual style of its wearer.

For the no-fuss guy, simple and timeless watches are the way to go. Perfectly suited to their lifestyle are the ZY1046, with its facet lens, sleek base finish and extra large case.

The ZY1033, with its grey rubber strap, classic matte case and prominent Zoo York logo.

Those with a more urban aesthetic can opt to update their look with the ZY1039, which juxtaposes a brushed steel finish for the case and a brown canvas cuff.

Pops of color are in this season as well. Guys can stay fiercely on trend with the ZY1048, a four-dial watch with contrasting red square case and black strap.

while they can also be armed and dangerously fashionable with the ZY1041, a military-inspired canvas watch featuring an eye-catching yellow dial against a black case.

Those in the market for hip timepieces that inject personality into every outfit, you guys can check out Zoo York watch at all SM Department Stores and selected Robinsons and Metro Gaisano Department Stores, nationwide. Get these amazing Zoo York watches for only  P 2,000 each.

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