Starbucks Card Christmas Designs - Philippines

Starbucks 2013 New Card DesignsCheck out Starbucks Philippines latest Starbucks Card designs. Just in time for Christmas, they launched two new designs.

Starbucks 2013 New Card DesignsThe one is colored red with golden Christmas tree in it. Layout and look following this years theme. While the other one is white with a snowman on the design.

Now what makes this batch interesting and really cool is the Limited Edition Card Carrier that comes along with it. :) It's really nice. I can like put other cards on it and some bills.
Starbucks 2013 New Card Designs

Okay, here's a scenario. What if the card carrier color that you like is no longer available? No you can't hold on to the receipt and claim it in other Starbucks branch. Well, here's an option from Starbucks. If your preferred color that you want is no longer available, you can exchange that for P 300.00 worth of load in your Starbucks card. Now isn't that awesome?? (My Tip: Ask first if the color you want is available before loading)
Starbucks 2013 New Card Designs

You can get these limited edition card carriers by simply loading a new card for P 1,500 or more. It doesn't have to the the Christmas Starbucks Card, you can choose the regular design but hey, this card is so cool to collect that I'm sure you'd get the Christmas edition.

So, if you are looking for gifts or giveaways this Christmas? This would be the perfect gift. Don't you think so? :)

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