Creative Makes Audio Clever with their new audio products

Attended a media launch of Creative where they featured their latest audio products. One that stuck with me is the Creative Airware HD.

It's a Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC. Now who wouldn't want that? They say that this can simplify your life with its clever features. One-touch and it pairs with our smart devices via Near Field Communications (NFC) or with Bluetooth pairing. 

Looks awesome right? looks handy too! Love the red one. Its bolder and attractive. It has a grille with pleasing patterns.
Its around 3.8 x 10.3 x 3.8 inches weighing around 980g. It's not boxy like others, it is prism like. It may not be the thinnest portable speaker but it does packs a lot.

Pairing is simple with the Creative Airwave HD. Simply switch the feature on our smartphone place it near the rear of the speakers and the two becomes music buddies. They say that this is a lot more reliable that the standard bluetooth pairing. Well if you don't have NFC you can always pair it up via Bluetooth. There is also an option to go jurassic through the Aux0in port on the rear. Now that's a lot of option to enjoy the speakers.

It can be charged via USB and runs for about 7 hours. Some reviews says they ran it for about 8 hours nonstop with just the right volume. In other words, the battery kicks serious ass. As for the sounds, it has decent quality in it. Not the best I've seen it was pretty decent. Really good stuff. 

If you ask me, I've seen a couple of portable speakers around and listened to them. But this one has a surprisingly volume levels which is perfect for parties or gatherings. It also some some eye-catching colors and designs. I think is falls short a little on the sound details but really comes back with its awesome NFC pairing system and its battery life! Good job creative! 

Up next to be featured is the HITZ MA2350 & the HITZ MA2400

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