Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2013 with Cebu Pacific kicks off!

Well, this is exciting. The Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge is back! Total of 15 young explorers divided into 5 teams, six destinations, seven days and P35,000 travel allowance. The prize? (Isn't that a prize already?) 

This year, they promise more colorful adventures and even bigger prizes! Aside from the all-expenses-paid trips around he country. At the end of the challenge, the team with the most number of experiences and the least amount of total expenses will win the competition.

Here's the criteria: 
Fun Activities (50%)
Budget Friendliness (50%). 
Simple enough right?

Special fun challenges prepared by the Department of Tourism in each destination also give teams a chance to win additional prizes all happening from August 27 to September 2

Meet the thrill-seekers

Team Lemixian
The all-girl Team Lemixian is composed of Trixie Laine Gacott of Holy Trinity University, and Angelica Mendoza and Leah May Camacho of Palawan State University. They call themselves professional fun adventurers who believe that “maraming paraan basta for fun (There are a lot of ways to have fun).”

Team Crimson

Team Crimson consists of Filipino Sesinando Quilao, Jr., Iranian Patrik Norouzi and South Korean So Myeong Lee. These Silliman University students and church band members may have different backgrounds, but they are united by their common love for travel, adventure and music.

Team Seven
Team Seven is composed of Bukidnon State University’s Cyryll Juvan Macas, Mark Dominick Pat and Irish Gayle Cajigas. These outdoor sports enthusiasts are willing to go the distance for extreme adventure.

Team Awesome

Cebuanos with comedic timing, Windom Lim, Leander Dan Aldemita and Shemaiah Xyza Baja of University of San Carlos Cebu make up Team Awesome.

Team Sun Broadband

Hiking, surfing, ziplining, scuba diving—name it, they have done it. De La Salle University-Manila students Aldric Chua, Stephanie Bernardo and Laura Cua compose Team Sun Broadband.

The winning team will get 12 round-trip tickets to any short-haul international or domestic destination, plus a three-day, two-night Philippine tour package for three, courtesy of the Department of Tourism. Each member of the team will also receive Samsung Galaxy tablets, Wenger watches, Sun Cellular pocket wifi and broadband wireless kits.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2013 is co-presented by Sun Broadband Wireless and the Department of Tourism, with the support of Canon, Botak, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan, and Wenger, the Juan for Fun official travel gear.

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