Urban Break by LeBlanc Day Spa is your Oasis in Makati Business District

Le Blanc Day SPA

Makati CBD is like New York, kind of like a jungle. Now in this busy busy place, urban break by LeBlanc sits perfectly in the middle of it. Like an oasis, urbanbreak by LeBlanc offers accesible and relaxing place where you can relax after a hard days work, kind of like a getaway from the stress and your hectic life.

Le Blanc Day SPAThe place opened last August and is now running in full operation. Inviting and homey interior, cozy place, with treatment rooms and stations where the nice attendants prepped me for service.

The owner gave us a tour of the place. Check out the photos below.
Le Blanc Day SPALe Blanc Day SPA Le Blanc Day SPALe Blanc Day SPALe Blanc Day SPA

Le Blanc Day SPALe Blanc Day SPALe Blanc Day SPA

That day, we were given a variety of choices on what service we want. I had the executive pampering. They have a wide-range of body treatments and also nail experts provided by their experienced therapists. urban break by LeBlanc also offers assistance on your corporate wellness programs as well as affordable individual and group packaged services.

Le Blanc Day SPA Le Blanc Day SPA

Lan Monces who is the urbanbreak owner shares that “There should be a ‘work-life balance’ establishment easily accessible for the working class. The reason why we opened here in Makati Business District is for everyone to have a comfort zone within just a few steps away from the office or gym. Our different packages and location is ‘hassle and worry free’ compared to an expensive spa. At urbanbreak you will get the same result and satisfaction.”. 

The experience sure did made me feel pampered. I think I dozed-off during one of the sessions. Yes, it was that relaxing. Oh, the spa also provides free WIFI that's keeps you connected even when you are being pampered.

Thank you LeBlanc! See you again soon!

So if you want to relax after a hard day's work unban break by LeBlanc is the place to be. Visit them at HV Dela Costa, Makati.

If you want more information on LeBlanc, check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LeBlancDaySpa and follow their twitter @LeBlancDaySpa or you can also reach them at (632)8930759/ (0917)5049967. 

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