Jobstreet App Makes Job Hunting Easier.

Landing your dream job just got easier. Early this month, the leading job site in the Philippines presented to group of bloggers their newest and most exciting product to date. The Mobile App! '

Since almost all of jobseekers and professionals out there has a smartphone, applicants now can easily look for jobs online with this new app basically anywhere anytime. Looking for jobs in newspaper is slowly fading and based on a recent survey, most candidates nowadays depend on online sources to seek employment.

Applicants now send their profile and application via job portals and company emails instead of submitting it personally, and Jobstreet is making it more accessible for job seekers.

The app allows candidates to search, browse and apply to jobs. The app also has a filtering field which includes job title, skill, keywords, location and even your expected salary. You can also easily browse jobs. Ofcourse with this app, you apply to jobs with your existing online resume. You can receive alerts and updates on the job personalization the users set. You can save jobs, Share and save past search/history.

Soon there will be more developments on the app. It will be also be useful to companies who will be posting jobs and monitoring applicants. Possibilities are endless. :) As for me? I'd like to keep it on my favorite app list. :)

Oh and Globe, the leading mobile phone subscription provider in the country provides candidates with unlimited access to the job portal via Mail20 Plus prepaid bundle.

For more information on the app, check out their site right here.

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