Trumpets shares Journey to find "The Bluebird of Happiness"

Blubird of Happiness
Trumpets is back!
Not that they left but it has been a while since I've experiences a Trumpets show. This time, taking flight into a big comeback with the production "The Bluebird of Happiness". I was lucky enough to be a part of the group who gets to have a sneak peek of the production at Greenbelt 5 last week,

Blubird of Happiness 
Mr. Audie Gemora who is the president of Trumpets was there, welcomed the guests. He shared that on Trumpets' 23rd year, they are back with the musical to teach the true meaning of happiness.

Trumpets is Asia's first professional gospel theater group and  is known for its blockbuster musicals for the whole family but other than providing entertainment value. The group makes sure that every material they put us as an eternal message that audiences can take home with them. 

And about the production, Mr. Gemora added that “Nowadays, people do not know what will make them happy anymore, we seek material things and do crazy things that sometimes make us forget what is essential.”  He also added that sometimes happiness is already staring at us in the face but we sadly do not recognize it.

Blubird of Happiness
Jaime del Mundo who is the director of the show says that this is one of the reasons why Trumpets sees the importance and timeliness of this show.  “Everyone in this world is looking for happiness in one form or another and through this musical we hope that the audience sees themselves reflected in the lives of the central characters, Mytyl and Tyltyl.”

Check out some photos during the media launch.

Blubird of Happiness Blubird of Happiness Blubird of HappinessBlubird of HappinessBlubird of Happiness Blubird of Happiness

Bluebird of Happiness, is based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. This brand new, proudly Filipino musical with book & lyrics by Jaime del Mundo and original music by Rony Fortich. With around 50-strong cast which includes top and promising actors includes...

Mayen Bustamante-Cadd who plays Mama Tyl, the children’s mother.
Lynn Sherman and Robie Zialcita as Tylette and Tylo, their pet cat and dog who are magically given human form to be their companions.
Jennifer Villegas-dela Cruz as Berylune, the fairy who starts them on their quest for true happiness; 
Carla Guevarra-Laforteza as Light who provides illumination to their path; 
Joy Virata and Steve Cadd as Grandma Tyl and Grandpa Tyl, the children’s grandparents whom they meet in the Land of Memory.
Joel Trinidad as Night, the dark villain who plots the children’s failure; and 
Raymund Concepcion as Father Time, whom they meet in the Land of the Future. 
Alessa Zialcita and Chimmi Kohchet-Chua will play as Mytyl and Tyltyl will be played by Anton Posadas and Guido Gatmaytan.

“The Bluebird of Happiness” is highly anticipated to have everything audiences love in a family show: delightful story, colorful characters, beautiful music, fantastic production design, brilliant staging, hearty laughs, touching moments and most importantly, a valuable lesson. The Bluebird of Happiness” soars at the Meralco Theater from September 27 to October 20, 2013. For tickets, contact the Trumpets office at 901-4364 or TicketWorld at 891-9999 or

For more details, Like the Official Facebook Page ( and Follow the Official Twitter Account– (@TheBluebirdMNL)

More photos here.

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