Sony's New Bravia 4K LED TV now in 55- and 65-inch.

SONY Bravia 4K

Attended an event of Sony where they say revolutionizes our TV viewing experience. They called it the Sony 4K LED TVs. I was excited to see where this would take me.

Arrived at the event with a lot of people going around the place, checking out the Sony TV displayed at the venue. They they called us by batch. Was part of a group where people goes into a viewing room.

SONY Bravia 4K

4K they shared is a new line-up of Sony. It gives viewers the most immersive entertainment experience. The revolutionary TV of Sony is four times more detailed that a full high definition (HD) experience. Sony believes that your cinematic pleasures can be magnified four times more.... and I guess we were convinced by the time we went inside the two viewing rooms. 

Last year 2012, they already launched the 84-inch LED TV in 2012, this time, with the KD-X9004A they are making it more available to more consumers by offering a 65-inch and a 55 -inch screen sizes. The new 4K TVs has 8 million pixels.

SONY Bravia 4K
After going inside the viewing, I saw how clear the images were. They were so vivid and totally different and far from its competitors. Personally, it felt like watching more than just a TV. Noises were reduces and details were amazing. Some of us were even called up close to the screen to see the difference in reading prints / newspaper on the screen... The other TV did not do well. Sony was as clear as crystal. 

The new Sony Bravia has the 4K X-reality PRO processing engine which makes every picture better. Optimizing images to produce quality and richer colours. Another nice feature of the X series TV is the sound. It has Sony’s proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology. The delivery of sound pressure levels are higher than what conventional TVs can produce. Its like having a home theater inside your TV. You won't need a home theater system to go with it anymore.

SONY Bravia 4K
The TV is also compatible in hooking up your mobile phone with it. Perfect for playing mobile games and watching movies from your phone into the awesome big screen. (Hayyyy I wish I had one)

One last thing, the design. It's sophisticated and class, sculpted from genuine metal and glass material. Such nice design and style.
All I can say after experiencing 4K is that it is one hell of a TV. I personally liked the look and feel of it. Its so clear, clean, crisp and just amazing. So with this amazing TV I guess most of you are asking what is the price tag of this baby. Well...It's a bit high.. Waaayy high over my budget. :) Anyways, for more information about Sony BRAVIA® 4K TV and other Sony products, visit the nearest Sony Centre or Authorized Dealer, log on to 

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