More Ways to Say All You Want WIth Globe Prepaid GoUNLI30!

With the NEW GoUNLI30, you can enjoy UNLI Calls to Globe/TM and UNLI ALLNET Texts, plus FREE UNLI CHAT with the best Chat Apps for only P30!

Now, you can use GoUNLI30 for more than just calls and texts. Call your friends abroad using Viber, enjoy real-time IM conversations via FB messenger, send cute, animated stickers using Kakao, and even leave personalized walkie-talkie voice messages using WeChat. Other chat apps like WhatsApp and LINE can also be used for FREE, no WiFi needed!

To register, simply dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO! You may also register by texting GOUNLI30 to 8888.

Get all your friends to join the exciting world of Globe Prepaid! Because with GoUNLI30, you now have more fun and exciting ways to say everything you want!

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