KFC Zinger just got hotter with their amazing price of P80

KFC sent a couple of Zingers at home and whoa! I remember the first time they introduced this product back in 1995. It has received such love by Filipinos back then and I was one of them!

First bite and you get that perfect combination of hot and crispy chicken topped with rich mayonnaise and lettuce in their soft Kaiser bun. Just by looking at it makes me drool. Now I think I want one now. :)

Well let me share to you some facts on the KFC Zinger
- It is made from premium whole-muscle quality chicken fillets. KFC said they don’t use processed chicken patties and extenders.
- These Zinger burgers are freshly breaded. Assembled everyday in their stores using the best quality. FRESH!
- Each Zinger is marinated with the same signature hot and crispy marinade used by KFC. A perfect combination of flavor and spice. One of a kind!

Now, Zinger is offered at an amazing price of P80! Woohooo! This spicy pleasure just got hotter!!! Thanks KFC for sending the three Zingers over!!!

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