Cinderella is the next big production of Resorts World Manila.

We all know the story. It has been told so many times and retold in so many ways. But the cast and the Cinderella team are confident that they would be able to bring something to the table.
Beautiful set,  elaborate designs and shifting of scenes seamlessly. Like a storybook as Colin Kirk shared.

The inspirations on the costumes and the set pieces are basically the basic elements of the Cinderella story. One is the time element and another is nature as shared by their director Michael.
and his bottomline takeaway in the Cinderella story is that goodness has its rewards. (or something like that.)

On the step mother she shared that he evil step sisters, Angelica Houston but meaner. On the stepsisters, the style of comedy is they try to be truthful on the character. No slapstick and no other basis but just simple creating a 3D angle of a character to make it all gel and work together with the rest of the trio step family.

On the prince, Christian Bautista shared that this version of the prince has a journey of his own. Like finding true love We can see that on act one but on act two we can see his love story after seeing Cinderella.

On how the director makes the cast gel together and make the cast see the director's vision on the play. Michael goes down to the text, finds a commonality and get artists inputs and then work together into tweaking it a bit. Open discussion with the whole production and it's up to the director on what do absorb and what to bring in to the story and making sure to stick to their goal in making the story believable and truthful. Michael ended that part of their job is to make it real for everyone. 

In this production, there will be effects. So you would be curious on how they would be executing the glass slippers, the fairy godmother, the change of costumes and other magical transformation. Now wouldn't you be curious how they would be able to pull that off. :)

And that's my blogging on the go. This is mix signing out!