[Gadgets] HP Slate7 is the new tablet to watch out for.

Owning a tablet should not be expensive... and HP made that happen by making the HP Slate 7 available in the market.

The HP Slate 7 is packed with Google Android. It is designed for the consumers who are value conscious.

A trusted companion everywhere you go, this tablet is primarily for play and entertainment but this device can also check email, good for note taking and others. Expected to make a noise in the market as soon as it arrives in the Philippines

Here are some features that will surely get your attention.
- HP Slate7 will be the first  tablet to have Beats Audio. Superior sound quality perfect for music and movies.
- This tablet is capable of five hours video playback.
- Slate7 is seven-inch full touch, 10mm reed and powered by Android.
- Features a dual cam. Slate7 has front-mounted VGA video and has a 3 megapixel rear cam.
- Has a native print capability, allowing you to print directly from an application support.
- Has 1GB RAM, 8GB eMMC and micro SD expandability.
- Has Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.
- Made from stainless steel and soft touch paint. (Available in red and silver)
- 5-points touch 1024x600 wide view angle LCD. Multi-user interface possible for those multi-player games and applications.

HP Photo Slate

For me, the selling point of this product here in the Philippines when it arrives? Price. I'm excited to know that a trusted brand like HP has come up with a tablet that is affordable and useful.

I guess HP will be making more tablets soon targeting all customer segments... Future is bright for tablets as HP jumps in on the game.

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