Fall in love again in "Before Midnight"

Staring this wonderful love story is Ethan Hawk, playing Jesse and Julie Delpy as Celine. Destined to be together. Knowing that they belong together other from the moment they laid eyes each other.

Check out the trailer below.

The encounter in the train was just the beginning of a long and lasting love. But life was not a bed of roses for them. Just like any couple, their love too will undergo the test of fire.

Catch Before Midnight on July 3 in theaters nationwide and fall in love again.

This movie is actually part of a series. Created by Richard Linklater, Before midnight is the third installment following“Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”.  A series that has generated rave reviews from movie critics all over the world.

The threequel has wit, drama and romance. A simple boy-meets-girl, they talked, fell in love and have been separated. The story moves through Jesse and Celine’s free-flowing ideas and intellectual conversation, the Before series plays on the premise of escape, freedom, momentarily losing oneself in the grandeur of the moment, situation, and losing touch with reality.

Before Sunrise plays on the cliché of “love at first sight” and the sheer thrill of escaping to a new world and consequently, finding freedom and solace in the arms of a stranger. Jesse is a guy who pretends to be cynical about love, but turns out to be more romantic than he shows. Celine is the romantic who just wants to live a good life. They meet on a train and Jesse whisks Celine away to Vienna with him, on the premise that they only have that instance and will never see each other again. As day turns to night, they delve into each other’s lives through conversations about anything and everything under the sun, with the thought of their limited time together looming over their heads. Before Sunrise ends with Jesse and Celine parting ways and promising to meet in the same place after six months.

From a dreamy whirlwind romance that started in Before Sunrise to a coming-of-age in Before Sunset, the series transcends to the realities of life in Before Midnight. The Before series covers young love, maturity, and now commitment. The youthful, energetic spark between Jesse and Celine has been replaced by a quiet settling down and a renewed sense of responsibility. Before Midnight shows viewers what happens when the fairytale ends and Jesse and Celine have to face the reality of settling down. Will the romance live on? Or will the monotony of everyday life dull their sparkle?

 “Before Midnight “ was tagged as the most highly anticipate threequel of the year, and the most awaited Indie movie of the year by noted movie critics in the US. Now that they’re together, what happens? So I guess you guys will have to catch this movie in theaters on July 3. :)

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