[Movies] Pitch Perfect DVD Review

My Husky "Grey Wind" and Pitch Perfect DVD

Magnavision had been sending some really good DVDs lately and recently the Les Miserable and Pitch Perfect delivered at home, now that just made my weekend awesome. :)  I wasn't able to catch Pitch Perfect when it went out on theaters, and some friends have been telling me that it's a good movie so we went for that.

So instead of cleaning the house, and washing the dishes, me and wifey watched the movie.

I liked most parts of the movie especially when Beca (Anna Kendrick) a freshman and just trying out her own thing, the natural comedy that comes in on the story and the chemistry of them all was just charming. From the audition, the sing-offs, battles and when finally their all female acapella group blended well on the Just The Way You Are mix. I am however a bit disappointed how it ended. I mean their final some wasn't really catching for me. I guess the build us wasn't great of maybe I was expecting something more? The choice of song I guess was a bit cheesy? I see that there was an opportunity for the writers to do more towards the end and make it more better. But hey, that's just me.

The movie left me wanting more of Anna Kendrick. The cute female body who has good pipes. Now that kept me glued on my screen. I don't know what's that thing that Anna has but there's something charming about her. Yes we saw her on Twilight and everything but here she's more pleasing.

The Review?
The DVD didn't have some behind the scenes in it. No bloopers nor back story and I was sad I wasn't able to watch any directors cut or anything from the cast. Oh well. Anyways, I'm excited for the Pitch Perfect 2 that is scheduled to come out on 2015. :)

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