Angry Birds film? Yes, it's happening.

Yeap, I guess it was inevitable. Angry Birds feature to be sling-shot on July 1, 2016. May be a long long way to go but yoyu guys can play the game for now. :)

Yeap Sony just won the distribution rights to the franchise. The movie will be in 3D and the film will be developed, produced, and financed by Rovio Entertainment. Several major studios pursued the global film rights in recent weeks, but Sony Pictures won.
Angry Birds is one of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises, starting in 2009 with the original mobile game that remains the number one paid app of all time. Angry Birds has expanded rapidly into entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand.

Angry Birds has been praised for its great value and simple, casual gameplay. Players use a slingshot to launch birds at green pigs in an attempt to get their eggs back, with the game setting the model for what is possible in terms of game development and commercial success. To date, the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies games have been downloaded more than 1.7 billion times across platforms and versions.
The upcoming movie marks Rovio Entertainment’s first foray into feature films, although fans have already been introduced to the Angry Birds world with the weekly Angry Birds Toons animated series. Rovio launched the series in March through its Angry Birds apps as well as on select video-on-demand channel providers, Smart TVs, connected devices, and on select TV networks around the world. Paving the way for a full-length feature film, Angry Birds Toons has been a massive success for Rovio clocking in over 150 million views from the Angry Birds apps alone within the first six weeks.
Anyways, here's a video about the Angry Birds Peace Treaty that I liked way way back when this video came out. Watch it and you'll love it. :) 
"Whut da fock?"

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