"The King and I" Take 2! Thank you Resorts World Manila!

I recently watched "The King and I" for the second time. (Thank you Resorts World Manila). 

If you guys still don't know, The King and I won the Aliw Awards 2012 for Best Musical Production. They also had an awesome addition to their cast to play Anna and the King. Before they had Leo Valdez and Monique Wilson, but now they have and addition of two prominent stage personalities in the country, award-winning TV and stage veteran Nonie Buencamino, and the first lady of Philippine musical theater MenchuLauchengco-Yulo you won't seee anything but good ol preformances from the masters. 

This show we caught was their alternates Bo Cerrudo and ShielaValderamma who played Anna and the King. I also saw my friend there Marian Santiago playing Tuptim.

Their chemistry on stage definitely brings the heartwarming moments in the show, something that the family would enjoy. Continuing their roles, they are also excited to be joined in with the other cast members. 

"...They’ll spice up the rhythm of everyone and bring in excitement for everybody as well” says Shiela, who also plays Anna. 

“They would (really) fall in love with the story, because it’s all about love, respect, and the different facets of humanity. It’s not just about a man who is torn between tradition and the new world, but it is also about a man (who is) in search for a higher understanding” says Bo, who also plays the King. 

Menchu who is already acquainted with “The King and I” musical, as she played Tuptim while also being the understudy of Anna in the early 90’s, states that she is already age-appropriate for the role “I hope to bring a new life to Anna, hopefully a different attack, (but) in a good way. It’s a new set of King and Anna, and (a) whole new set of chemistry. I hope to bring something I couldn’t bring when I was much younger” she shares. 

Nonie on the other-hand is looking forward to playing the role of the King for the first time in his 30 years of theater experience.“I’m glad that I’ll be able to play King Mongkut for The King and I at one point in my life, and I think it is where God wants me to be at this point”.

Due to the highly successful run of the production, Resorts World Manila announced the extension of the highly successful all-Filipino musical until May of 2013. 

Watching the show for the second time didn't bore me but made me focus on the small details on what the performers put on the show. I was able to understand the story better and paid more attention to the details. Of course there's no better feeling than the element of surprise after watching the show for the first time, but hey, I was still blown away by its production. It's really nice! :)

"The King and I" garnered 3 Aliw Awards including Best Director for Freddie Santos, and Best Musical Production for 2012, and Best Actor for Leo Tavarro Valdez. The ALIW Awards also gave 9 nominations for The King And I including Best Actor in a Musical Bo Cerrudo; Best Actress in a Musical for both Monique Wilson and ShielaValderamma; Best Child Performer for Anton Posadas; Best Actress in a Featured Role for both Gina Respall and Tanya Manalang 
To know more about the latest news on The King and I, visit www.rwmanila.com or call Resorts World Manila’s Tourist / Visitor Hotline at (02) 836-6333.

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