An afternoon with Sonny Angara

If you ask me who is Sonny Angara last year, I wouldn't be able to answer that.

But before I begin, let me start by saying I am lost with politics. I wanted to study and get the hang of these laws, legislatures, agendas, bills, congress, senate and other dramas, I wanted to know the ropes. But just like showbiz it's as dirty as the next starlet who's longing for a shot at the spotlight.

Going back. I was invited for an afternoon with the man Sonny Angara. Familiar name, it has a ring to it. The second child of Senator Edgardo J. Angara and Mrs. Gloria Manalang Angara, Edgardo "Sonny" Angara was born on July 15, 1972. Finished high school in Xavier, completed his undergraduate at London School of Economics and his law degree at University of the Philippines College of Law. He then Obtained his Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School. Now that's a pretty heavy data from some politicians out there. I have got to say that right there, it is not something to joke about. That's serious and take a lot of hard work and dedication.

All I'm saying is you couldn't get all these from being an actor, starring in sitcoms, movies and then moving into politics. This is a good background and the real deal.

A professor and now on his third and last tern as a member of the House of Representatives representing the district of Aurora province. It has come a long way since then. Elected first at 2004, he was then the youngest member of the congress then, re-elected in 2007 and in 2010. Now he is running for the senate.

Sonny Angara earned an award for the Most Prolific and hardworking Congressman in the 14th Congress. He filed the most number of bills that eventually became laws of the land from 2007 to 2010, 10 of those which he principally authored.

For his achievements, Angara was named by the Philippine Jaycees as one of the Outstanding Young Men in 2010. Some of the bills he passed, Magna Carta of Women, Pre-Need Code of the Philippines, Real Estate Investment Trust Act, National Cultural Heritage Act, Civil Aviation Authority Act, and Personal Equity and Retirement Account Act. He is also one of the primart authors of the Domestic Workers Act, or the Kasambahay Bill, as well as the Freedom of Information Act.

No I did not know that he did all these. and it's a nice surprise to know that someone has thought of making these bills and submitting it. The recently enacted Universal Kindergarten Education Act, which provides free kindergarten education to Filipino Children. Another thing he is pushing is the Unified Financial Assistance for Students in Higher & Technical Education (UNIFAST) Bill, which improves the college and university scholarship system of the government. This advocate for educational reform is not stopping on education, her is also advocating the passage of the Bill of Rights for New Graduates, mandating the government to provide support to new graduates in finding employment.

The list as some might say is endless. One thing I found out about this guy? That not all politicians are as dirty as they say. Not all are talking bullshits all the time and just pulling your leg and coins in your pocket. What I am trying to say is that this guy is as true as anyone can come.

I am not kissing ass nor promoting anything right here. But what I am basically saying is Sonny Angara gets my vote. After sitting down with the guy for an hour or so, I got to know him more than any politician who places his face on every post, wall and every vehicle with a sound system installed on it. Nothing beats no bullshit talks, intimate, candid and open talk. Output of that? I can feel that he is sincere and true to his word and that's why he gets my vote.

His 1st choice in committee is EDUCATION. 2nd is TOURISM or TRADE & INDUSTRY. Follow him on Twitter and chat with the guy. :) @sonnyangara

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