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[TV Series] Game of Thrones Season 3 new images!

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About two more months to go from HBO's Game of Thrones season three. I give you images from season three to help pass the time. It features new looks of the old characters and some new cast. One thing I noticed is the outstanding costume design. 

Peter Dinklage comes back with a new look and the new season also introduces new players as Clive Russell (Sherlock Holmes) as Catelyn Stark's dutiful uncle, Bryndon Tully as Paul Kaye as Throso of Myr, a red priest of the same order as Stannis' go-to sorceress Melisandre and a whole lot more! Okay okay, check out the images below. Oh March 31, why do you come so slow. :)


game-of-thrones-season-3-emilia-clarke1-600x400 game-of-thrones-season-3-natalie-dormer-jack-gleeson-600x399
game-of-thrones-season-3-peter-dinklage-600x399 game-of-thrones-season-3-lena-headey-600x399

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