Pinkberry gives Froyo fans a reason to rejoice with Salted Caramel

Got invited to an intimate gathering of bloggers as they rolled out their newest flavor, SALTED CARAMEL. 
Starting the year with this new flavor you'd know what you'd expect. As it implies, the taste of sweetness and saltiness just makes it one-of-a-kind taste of pairing. The sea salt and caramel is just the perfect blend to delight your taste buds. :)

Before we were treated to taste the Salted Caramel, we were reminded of the taste of product they offered before. LYCHEE FLAVOR!!! with lime!  (My Favorite)
They had us experience all the pairing so that we can know which one is our favorite.

I personally liked the lychee yogurt, squeeze some lime in it, the add strawberry or almond. (any almond) I didn't like the mochi and coconut so much. But they are still good.  

Check out the cute cups of Salted Caramel. 

and here are the recommended toppings. crispy crepes, caramel, sprinkle of sea salt. People at Pinkberry will gladly help you with their recommended toppings for your salted caramel. :)

They also have a new addition on their menu. The Salted Caramel Shake, available for a limited time only. Make with 8oz of frozen yogurt and 6oz of non-fat milk, caramel on the bottom, topped with a swirly whip and finished off with a drizzle of caramel on top. In short, indulgence!!!
 I like the Salted Caramel in a cone. 

So what are you waiting for? Salted Caramel Pinkberry is available at Pinkberry Greenbelt 5 and Pinkberry Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. You can check out their site, like Pinkberry on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @PinkberryPH. 

Thanks again Pinkberry!

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About Pinkberry
Pinkberry is an innovative yogurt retailer launched in West Hollywood, California in 2005. Today, with more than 200 stores worldwide, Pinkberry is one of the world's fastest growing global retail brands and continues to lead the category. Pinkberry offers consumers a one-of-a-kind experience comprised of distinct product, outstanding service and inspirational design. Pinkberry's flavors and fresh-cut-daily fruit and premium toppings offer an irresistible light and refreshing taste. From store design to exceptional customer service to delicious yogurt flavors and toppings Pinkberry delivers an experience that delights and refreshes consumers.