Petron Collectibles Porsche GT3 RSR in 4 colors??!

Almost everyone is complaining about Petron's Porsche promo. Every car seem to have ran out of other models. Only unit left is the white GT3 RSR, and in some areas, no unit is left, even the white, yes.

But behold!!! 3 new colors of the GT3 RSR! Super Limited! :)
PETRON Porsche-1
GT3 RSR in 4 colors. Acid Green, Metallic Blue, Yellow Mustard and White.
I personally like the Metallic Blue. Here's another picture of the three new colors.
PETRON Porsche-1-2

These three new colors will be a very nice addition to my Petron Passion for Porsche collectibles! :)  Silver Cayenne, Red Cayman S, Black Carrera S, the Blue Panamera and the white GT3 RSR,
PETRON Porsche-2

Check out my collection of Porsche cars below. :D
PETRON Porsche-2-2

Check out my previous post on the Petron Promo below.

Want to know how I got the 3 new colors? Hit the comments below. :)

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