Kangoo Shoes on SALE!!! only at FTX gym.

Kangoo Jump is the newest fitness craze in town! Kangoo shoes is the world's lowest impact shoes. Reducing 60-80% when compared to conventional training shoes. Kangoo shoes provides the best protection for your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, spinal column and joint in general.

FTX now launches Urban Rebound with the use of Kangoo shoes. These shoes are safe. It provides may health benefit for everyone, any age. FTX Urban Rebound provides an exciting power, lightness and euphoria, which translates to more FUN INTENSE FUSION TRAINING.

Check out a video of the Kangoo activity below.

FTX has a promo for you guys. Avail now of our 3-months or 6-months installment!  (BDO, Landbank, Asiatrust Bank, Bank of Commerce, Prudential Life and PNB)

20% more calories burned + 80% less impact = 100% FUN FUSION FITNESS

Visit their site for more info http://www.gymftx.com/ftx-yoga-and-dance/ftx-urban-rebound/

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