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Hello Kitty Phone!

By January 03, 2013 , , , , ,

Oh my gahhhhddd!!!! a Hello Kitty Phone!!!! It's so cuuute!! (not really) I need one or else I'll dieee!!! (not really)

Errr .. This is really not my interest but hey... This might be an interesting phone for some old lady who likes cats or some middle aged or adolescent kid who can't move past their elementary / high school days collectibles cute stuff stage Or some who are just trying to be cute and doesn't really know the reason why they like Hello Kitty or even know the history of Hello Kitty if you ask them. They like Hello Kitty just because other people like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is definitely not for everyone, still other people go gaga and mushy over it. (I'm so mean)

This Limited Edition Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y is indeed for the young ones and may even be for the young once. Packed and having the same features as the Galaxy Y, (which is impressive I might say) But his unit has so much in store for the Hello Kitty fans. This phone has exclusive Hello Kitty contents such as ringtones, design, home button, casing and so much more! (huh....)

This phones sells for around P7,000 online and is said to be a best seller. So, is there anyone who actually bought one?

The only Hello Kitty version I'm interested are the ones below. (Darth Vader and Conan O' brien)

Now that's cute!

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