[gadgets] Sol Republic's Deadmau5 Tracks Product Review

Music and Art. That's deadmau5 for you and Sol Republic. This headphone is in collaboration with the custom art renowned digital artist Joshua Davis, together with Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 worked together to create something different. Visually enticing and a powerful headphone.
With SOL REPUBLIC's signature sounds of awesome base. This fun and energetic visual design just can't help but stand out. Instead of having the brand SOL REPUBLIC on the band, you can see that it has DEADMAU5 in it.

The deadmau5 headphone features a V10 sound engine for a deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals. Sol Republic headphones are the world's first interchangeable headphone. Yeah you can remove the drivers, cable with three-button remote and mic and inter-change the indestructible FlexTech band which are also interchangeable with other tracks headphones.

Well? is that cool or what?! :) Now music enthusiasts need not worry in damaging their headphones.

They basically have the same feature of an ordinary Tracks. Same beautiful drivers, cables, pads, 3-button volume control and mic.

The visual flare of the headphones is definitely the highlight. Market for this is basically those who  are fans of deadmau5 and those who want something new and different on their headphones for that unique style. Now that headphone are becoming a fashion accessory nowadays, I guess having this one will definitely make you stand out. 

I tried twisting and bending the band until I got weary and examined the band. There was no cracking nor stress marks on the band in the band. Oh yeah! 

The Deadmau5 headphones costs P 9,500.00. Like I said, not much of a difference on their entry level Tracks but just by looking at it, you can see that it's worth it. 

No doubt this headphone is a nice starter headphone for those who want to start strong. Why did I say strong? Well with its great bass and with its range of high and mid, not neglecting the vocals of the music is really something. You can definitely feel, its clarity, its crispiness and power.... another thing... Comfort. The comfort of wearing them and not destroying it is definitely a big yes.

The only thing that bothers me is that the pad on the headbands seem to come off easily. The 3-button control on the cable only works with iOS devices. So there. Other than that, we are all good!

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