Converse PH opens its flagship store in the New Glorietta.

When you say sneakers, you think of 'Chucks', period. There's only one "Chuck Taylor" who has revolutionized the use of sneakers. Broke fashion with combining formal and casual. Indeed this often imitated sneaker has come a long long way. No wonder this well loved sneaker by Converse has been here in the Philippines for 30 years now.

When I wear my 'Chucks', I am free. I move freely and I've this rock star vibe in me. Have this attitude to stand out and be heard. 

Just recently, Converse opened up their new flagship store at the second level of the New Glorietta, Ayala Mall in Makati. The store boasts with new interiors, have this urban and artistic vibe into it. Bringing a new retail experience for the fans and its shoppers.

The place is around 275 sqm. The largest Converse shop in the Philippines to date. This place have a very wide collection of merchandise from the Chuck Taylors, John Varvatos, Jack Purcells, apparels, bags and accessories. 

The place was packed and was attended by musicians and celebrities like Kean Cipriano of Callalily, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes, IC Mendoza, Empress, Gab Valenciano, 6 cyclemind band and many others. 

This year's Converse campaign is "Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers". I'd have to agree with that. This fashion statement of Converse sparks something in us, letting go of the 'usual' and pushing for creativity, letting out the artistic side of people and just being yourself.

From the store you can see statements like "Shoes test the water. Sneakers dive in", "Shoes by a ticket, sneakers put on a show", "Shoes party. Sneakers after party" and here's something I like, "Shoes but art. Sneakers create it". So many other possibilities Converse can come up with and it all makes sense. Chucks are comfortable and they are so nice to wear. I've had my white chucks for 5 years now (my 3rd white). It has holes in it. Water gets in when it's damp outside, but I don't care. It may be old and has holes in 'em but it is still my good 'ol Chucks. :)
me and my 5 year old Chucks.
and thanks to Converse, I can purchase a new one, maybe next month. I'm thinking of getting the black leather. :) BOOM! Hehe.

So guys, make sure you check out their new flagship store. Visit and their Facebook page for more information. Check out more photos of the Converse flagship store opening here.

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