Ray-Ban celebrates 75 legendary years with 7 awesome campaign frames

Ray-Ban! I want! Seriously I do. :) The leading eye wear is celebrating its 75th year through its Ray-Ban Legends campaign. Now who would have thought that this eye wear has surpassed 50 golden years already. Its distributor, Branded Lifestyle, Inc. is now leading initiatives in commemoration to Ray-Ban's 75 awesome years in the industry.

This certainly is a historical event for the brand. The legend simply tells the history and the spirit of 75 years of being yourself and freely expressing your beliefs and personality. And since its creation in 1937 and up to the present day, the brand continues to honor the values of authenticity and uniqueness constitutes the DNA of Ray-Ban.

Icons and legends of the past, present and future: this is the key message of Ray-Ban Legends. Shot by photographer Mark Seliger in California, the campaign frames seven legendary moments (one per decade), each inspired by a real life and particularly iconoclastic figure. Every character wears a Ray-Ban Icon. Each image evokes a specific story and is epitomized by the chromatic tones that are faithful to the relevant decade (black and white, sepia and, naturally, colour).

The result is an extraordinary gallery of powerful images that span an era, while capturing specific moments in time. In keeping with the Never Hide spirit, the seven figures unconsciously broke through barriers; their eyes were open while the world’s were closed.

A group of pilots, the Blue Devils, in the 1930s; a writer’s “relationship” in the heart of America in the 1940s; a singer-songwriter who worked with Elvis Presley in the 1950s; an English socialite in the 1960s; a boy and girl falling in love during a protest in the 1970s; the nightlife of three girls in the 1980s, and a courageous rapper in the 1990s.

Indeed, Ray-Ban has come a long way and has been a part of our history. For more information, visit Ray-Ban's official online pages Facebook | Twitter Instagram. Ray-Ban is also giving away 8 pairs of Rayban. Read more here

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