Great Toys Online is not your usual toy shop.

When I was a kid, I was supplied by my parents with a couple of good toys from Japan. Mom was working in Japan and I get toys from abroad, a couple of racing cars, super heroes etc, matchbox cars... but the one toy that stuck with me was this Voltron toy that mom gave me. This was way back in let's say..... 1990-1992 (I think). The toy below is just like the one I have, though I have forgotten how it looked back then. I got reunited with that toy when me and fellow bloggers visited this huuuuge toy shop in greenhills.  The Great Toys Online store. 

I tell you, this has got to be the biggest toy store collection. Ofcourse Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom does not fall in this category.

Great Toys Online started online way back in 2001. and more than a decade after, they now have 5 retail stores, 2 eBay stores and an online store serving hundreds and thousands of toy collectors and hobby enthusiasts. 

Mr. Malvin Lim was there was happy enough to tour us and share his passion and love for the toys there. He even shared to us a bit of toy photography. He shared that toy photography is capturing the toy in an environment and making it appear that the toy is in a different place. I tried some below check it out.

Who ever this robot is, let's call him robot X. Picture on the left Robot X on top of the building. Picture on the right, Robot X in the forest with big leaves. :D

I think I had more fun playing around with some toys.

This is how Woody got his name and Steve Jobs (may he RIP) loving his outdated Blackberry Curve. :)

But for serious pictures now. I picked these toys out of the many toys there because I think they looked really nice.

Anyways, going back. The shop was big and had enough space to accommodate many people at once.

The place also had a section of sports equipment.

The Great Toys Online Shop accepts requests and orders that are not on their list. Malvin said that if you have toys online that you want to buy, you can course it through them and they can purchase it for you and do the transaction and shipment. Now ain't that a sweet deal!

Customers can purchase products via visiting any of our 5 retail outlets and stores at Makati City, Manila City, Quezon City, Muntinlupa City and San Juan City. They also accept orders via text message (sms), e-mail, phone call, online store at and eBay store.

Since 2001 Great Toys Online have over 12,000 positive feedback on eBay and thousands of satisfied customers both here in the Philippines and worldwide from countries like USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and more!

Special request / Special orders accepted, please email us photo / details to

You can look for Mr. Malvin Lim while you're there. He really knows his toys. :)

So to the toy enthusiasts and collectors out there. I recommend that you drop by the place and check it it out. 

SCHEDULE: 10AM to 7PM Mondays to Thursdays, 10AM to 8PM Fridays to Sundays. Open on non-working Public Holidays. Maybe open on December 25, January 1, Holy Thursday, Good Friday. Please check website announcement for schedule change.
HOW TO GO TO STORE VIA MRT (updated July 2012): Take MRT and go down to Santolan-Annapolis MRT Station. Proceed to Annapolis Street and you'll see Intrawest Center (Green-painted building). Proceed into the main entrance and you will find us on 2nd floor.

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