Nokia Lumia 510. Windows Phone at a lower price

The Nokia Lumia 510 boasts with a bright 4-inch display and signature Lumia experiences in Nokia’s new entry-level Windows Phone. With today's competitive smartphone makes, price, features and quality is the key. I believe Nokia Lumia 510 has a market out there.

“With the Nokia Lumia 510 we continue to meet our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new, lower price points,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices. “People who use Windows Phone quickly realize how much more intuitive it is than other smartphone platforms, and Nokia Lumia is the best embodiment of the Windows Phone experience. With the Nokia Lumia 510 we’re looking forward to welcoming more people into the Windows Phone experience.” 

Following on from the success of the Nokia Lumia 610, this latest addition to the Nokia Lumia range comes in five vivid colors for a fun and personal way to enjoy Windows Phone. 

Windows Phone is different to other smartphone platforms thanks to Live Tiles, making it easy to see incoming messages and updates; PeopleHub, which brings together contacts and updates from across social networks into one location, and access to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 9 on the mobile. 
Unique Lumia experiences also make the Nokia Lumia 510 unlike any other entry-level Windows Phone. Downloading the Camera Extras app provides exclusive digital lens functionality to go with the five megapixel camera and built-in autofocus. Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport also offer the most comprehensive smartphone location and navigation experience available. 

The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available in red, yellow, cyan, white and black. Nokia estimates the retail price for the Nokia Lumia 510 to be around USD199, excluding taxes and subsidies. Sales are planned to begin in November 2012, starting with India and China,and followed closely by other Asia-Pacific countries and South America.

Here are the product specifications of the Nokia Lumia 510 
Operating System  - Windows Phone 7.5
Display - 4-inch WVGA 800x480 | TFT | Capacitive Touch Screen
Battery - 1300mAh
Processor - Snapdragon™ S1
Main camera - 5MP Autofocus
Memory - 256MB RAM | 4GB mass memory (no memory card slot) | 7GB free SkyDrive storage

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