Monster's latest headphones launch!

Do you remember Monster headphones releasing the cult and pop trendy headphones Beats? Well, brace yourself for they recently introduced their new set of headphones! Not one, not two, not three but.... wait for it... TEN!!!! Ten beautifully and masterfully designed and made just for our ears.

The launch was help at one of the premiere bars in the country Opus bar at Resorts World Manila and it was attended by partners, clients, celebrities and people who are a fan of Monsters and some audio-slaves to headphones and headset. 

Mr. Robert Fong, Managing Director for Asia Pacific.
There he presented the 10 amazing headphones and headsets.
There's were some headphone on display on where you would be able to try the actual product. So from there you get a feel and experience the music and the superb quality of these ear candies.

This beautifully yellow color designed masterpiece is called the iSport Livestrong. These in-ear headphones has a "no-slip fir" feature which is perfect for active people and athlete who are always on-the-go. 
 iSport Livestrong - Php 12,000.00
By purchasing this kind of headphones, you will also be supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation because a portion of the proceeds will actually help the people affected by cancer.

The Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii Headphones by Monster is so cute that you'd forget that this is an awesome and powerful high definition fine tuned headphones. I guess this is how cute would sound like. :)
Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii Headphones - P 3,550.00

The inspiration? Diamond Tears. Monster claims that it is “edgy like diamonds, smooth like tears”.  I guess I would have to agree on that one.
Monster Diamond Tears - PhP 21,000
The looks is just as awesome and fashionable as the sound and performance. Definitely high-quality. This particular line of Monster headphone is word and endorsed by J. Y. Park and the Wonder Girls.

The Monster Diesel VEKTR gives an entry to the fashion category and comes out with a new level of style and edgy and fresh approach.
Diesel people with the Monster VEKTR - P 17,000.00
Monster Diesel VEKTR - P 17, 500. 

It may be a little pricey but you'll sure get your money's worth when you get to listed to the comfortable but premium-quality sounds. To top off, you get a new level of design and self expression. 

Monster DNA
Available for On-Ear and In-Ear. This line has an advance noise cancellation, and the sounds is so clear and distinct. Giving rich, fresh and clear quality sounds.
They don't have available prices yet for DNA but I'm pretty sure this is going to be another good-buy.

Monster Inspiration Headphones. What's good about this headphones is you can personalize the bands to you mood and preference giving you the freedom to express yourself
Monster Inspiration - PhP 21,000
As Monster's first over-ear, noise cancelling headphones with a kick ass design.
Next up is the Monster N-Tune and Monster N-ergy. The NCredible headphone is a collaboration of Nick Canon and Monster.

Monster N-ergy In-Ear headphones costs around PhP 4,200, while the Monster N-tune costs P 9,800. Both delivering superb music quality. Bringing total comfort and precision tuning for all types of music.

Sharing also
Gratitude - Celebration of Real Music
This In-ear headphone is inspired by the music of Earth, Wind & Fire. Giving pure and perfect sound focusing on natural music. Real horns, real drums and great voice.

Miles Davis trumpets
This beautifully crafted and designed piece is based after a trumpet.Kind of like a tribute to Miles Davis. The one who redefined Jazz, but this one doesn't only sounds great on Jazz but with this, you'd be able to hear every note, every nuance. Strings, Horns, Guitars and Vocals couldn't be more clearer. Giving amazing clarity and depth.

The event also had a short fashion show, models wearing different Monster headphones. Shows that Monster has headphones for all of us. What ever the occasion, activity or lifestyle we have, Monster has the headphones for you. What ever your preference is and what ever life you are living. Monster got you covered.

 In realization, All of these are Monster's way of letting us experience music the way it's meant to be.

So just to recap the prices, 
Monster Diamond Tears - PhP 21,000
Monster Diesel - PhP 17, 500
Monster Inspiration - PhP 21,000
Monster iSport Immersion - PhP 12,000
Monster iSport Livestrong - PhP 12,000
Monster N-ergy - PhP 4,200
Monster N-tune - PhP 9,800
Monster DNA - TBA
Monster Gratitude - TBA
Monster Miles David Trumpet - TBA

More pictures of the event here. So which one is your favorite? Hit the comments below! :)

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