The Hunting Party [Movie Review]

Great cast to start with. Richard Gere as Simon Hunt, Terrence Howard as Duck and Jesse Eisenberg as the young apprentice journalist. Setting is in Bosnia where they are in search for the number 1 war criminal in Bosnia called 'The Fox'. In the process they find themselves in tight situations and some close calls. They even got mistaken as a CIA hit squad and then hunters, becomes the hunted. 'The Fox' decided to go after them.

The movie has the potential to go heavy and I personally feel that the story had so much more into it. Some scenes were intense, some a bit disturbing but the writing and direction was good and sure did cleared some space for the touching moments and did well explaining the emotions of Gere's character. 

Though I am not really sure on what this movie is all about in the end, I did like the movie's dark humor and some really ridiculous parts and I loved every bit of it. Gere and Howard were simply amazing. It is really nice to see these two work their magic and chemistry on screen. And Eisenberg was just classic Eisenberg. They way he just throws his lines was so natural and appealing. The movie tries hard at balancing seriousness and funny parts of it.

Check out the trailer below.

I give the movie 3.5 out of 5. Not really a block buster, but a good watch. Worth every cent. 

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