Avengers Initiative SMASHED into iPad plus other iOS devices and soon on Android devices.

The game has been out for a while now and its only now that I'm able to write about it. Ok, going right into it, the game is similar to Infinity Blade (Which I'm sure you've heard of already). Well maybe on gameplay. You swipe to strike and swipe to dodge and block. You swipe swipe swipe! and with the right timing you'd get it right. 

This feature of the game adds a nice touch. accessorizing hulk and customizing the abilities
that you'd be getting give you a free hand to design your character your way. 

No doubt about it, the game has awesome visuals (best viewed with iPad3).
Fight scenes are also so engaging and really nice.
Marvel fans will surely love this game. Controlling Hulk is fun as it it, not to mention the cool upgrades and so much to unlock. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first part of a multi part series and each game will be based on a different Avengers character. Now ain't that exciting??!!

Gameplay is good and have this active controls that lets you decide on some finishers
and some jabs / counter here and there.
Of course playing the game is not all bash here and smash there. You would
also have achievements along the way and uhhhhh Nick Fury tracks it for you. :) 
After playing the game for 5 minutes I was hooked. You get to battle villains like Wendigo, Abomination, The Kronan and The Skrulls. 1 day later I'm battling some lame enemies then comes Iron Man in a Hulk Buster armor (don't ask, just play the game). And then Capt. just showed up! I just can't wait for an update! 

Over all I rate to game to be more awesome than Infinity Blade and most games out there. Using Hulk to SMASH some enemies and other stuff would be all worth your money. I guarantee.:)

Avengers Initiative is now available for US$6.99 from the App Store on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and The New iPad, at: http://bit.ly/PS6UTO PLEASE NOTE: iPad (1st Generation), iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, and iPod touch devices NOT SUPPPORTED.

The game will soon be available for select Android devices from Google Play for US$6.99.

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