Megafiber and its benefits

So what is this Megafiber? Megafiber is a 100 percent all natural, multi-tasking fiber supplement that provides multiple health benefits for overall well-being. The new Megafiber is made from 100 percent all-natural psyllium fiber, a bulk-forming fiber. When it absorbs liquids, it forms a slippery film and swells by 8 to 14 times its normal weight and forms a soft, bulky mass that passes quickly and easily through the colon and acts like a sponge in the intestinal tract. It also helps stimulate the reflex needed for the bowels to empty. 

It also helps regulate the digestive system and ensures regular bowel movement, cleans out the digestive system and eliminates waste from the colon and intestines, providing relief to those suffering from constipation. 

What else? Well, it also promotes better sugar control since it slows down digestion. It allows food to be digested more slowly, releasing carbohydrates more evenly, thus giving diabetics a better chance to cope with increase in blood sugar after meals. 

Worried about additives? Well, there are no additives, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring in new Megafiber. It is also cholesterol-, yeast- and gluten-free. It is suitable for children but NOT infants. Parents can simply mix new Megafiber with their child’s favorite juice and allow it to gel before spoon feeding the mixture to the youngster. 

Available at Mercury Drug and other major drugstores nationwide, the new Megafiber comes in bigger 7.5g travel sachets and 300g bottles at existing retail prices of leading brands. It is also offered in half-kilo family size packs for those who want greater savings. What's good about the new Megafiber now is that it delivers all of its benefits at 50 percent more! Talk about value for money. :)

Want to know more about new Megafiber and its health benefits? log on to or contact the consumer hotline via (632) 5246549, 09474890262 or email

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