The Hunger Games Fever! Blu-Ray & DVD Launch.

The hunger and fever stopped.. at least for a few hours I guess. The recently held "Catch The Hunger Games Fever!" event held at the Event Center of Megamall was a success. Tributes from all over Manila flocked the Megamall district and participated in the much anticipated DVD & Blu-Ray launch. 

The afternoon was certainly filled with Hunger Games themed activities. Fans came in their Hunger Games Inspired outfit. 
Some were chosen for the Scavenger Hunt Contest during the 'Reaping',
Winners of the Scavenger Hunt (Cesar Meric and Cellestine Bocca)

 others tried their luck on the Archery Mock-up. Some really cool prizes if you get a good score. :)

You may also dress up as one of the capitol residents. 

and some just posed with the Katniss looking girl by the photo wall.

Oh together with some friends, we were also able to get our very own Trubute ID. Now ain't that cool. :)
Now who looks like more of a tribute? :) - Myke Soon
Mr. Sonny Lara of C-Interactive Digital Entertainment with the Functional Cube
I want one. :(
I was able to take a few snaps of the ones who joined the cosplay competition. :) Some really nice ones.

And the winner? I guess you've guessed it already?
David Halili of Astro and Patricia Ngo, winner of the best Cosplay as a Capitol Fan.
They were also selling some Blu-Ray sets and DVD at the venue, you also get some freebies with it. 

The Hunger Games is one of the most anticipated video releases, and C-Interactive Digital Entertainment sure did made sure that it will truly be worth it. Exclusive and limited edition Hunger Games items, like the fashionable Mockingjay Pendant and a really neat functional cube will be bundled to the first purchases of Bluray and DVD. Incredibly, you will get all these at only Php 1,995.00 and Php 1,595.00 respectively. Read more here. You may also get your own DVD, Blu-Rays and VCD copies at your nearest Astroplus or Astrovision stores nationwide. 

Again, congrats to C-Interactive for the successful event! Check out C-Interactive's Hunger Games Page.

Oh which reminds me, I will post in a few days the winners of those who joined my Hunger Games contest. So watch out for it. :)

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