Manila & El Nido Island, showcased in the movie The Bourne Legacy

Film producers of the latest installment of the Bourne franchise singled out Manila over Jakarta, Indonesia and Vietnam for the location of The Bourne Legacy for several reasons, to include the proverbial Filipino ‘hospitality’.

Speaking before a seminar entitled “Location Shooting, Developing the Potential for Film in Tourism and Co-Production Ventures,“ Lope ‘Jun’ Juban, Jr. a veteran in foreign co-productions and president of the Philippine Film Studios, Inc. revealed that Filipino film production expertise wowed the Bourne film production team in.

Juban said, “We have very able directors, cinematographers, assistant directors, technical crew and post-production facilities. Among the other locations that they looked at, the Philippines was [at the] forefront because of that production background,”

Moreover, the Philippines’ exposure on the European and US editions of the highly rated “Survivor” series helped us bag the location for The Bourne Legacy.     

Furthermore, Jun Juban said that ‘Bourne’ shot majority of the scenes for 45 days around the busy and some ‘disadvantaged’ streets of Manila, but many redeeming beautiful scenes were shot in the wonderful El Nido Island where the story ends. He said that the foreign filmmakers promised to show our country in good light and he believes they gave justice to that promise.

Filipino producers opted to open by August 8 so as to avoid ‘collision’ with the showing of ‘Dark Knight”. As for the 25th season of Survivor US set to start in September, Juban revealed  that the Philippines will have a thirteen hours exposure, as well as in the 26th season. Juban hinted at other possible foreign co-production ventures in 2013.

“The Bourne Legacy” starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weiss , Edward Norton and some local talents, to include Joel Torre and Lou Veloso, is directed by Tony Gilroy. It is distributed by United International Pictures thru Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing at your favorite theaters on August 8.                

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