Mondo Juice, Changing How You Drink Smoothies, One Cup at a Time

Juice, smoothies, juice-smoothies, JUICE-SMOOTHIES! Say it a few more times and you'll be craving for one. And if you crave, crave right! Yes, I know everyone is all into the healthy thing nowadays and i couldn't blame them. We live in a stressful environment and most of the time, what we are eating is not helping us in being healthy. Juice and smoothies bar are coming here and there and how do you really choose what's the right one for you?

Okay, before you say anything about your preferred juice outlet and your favorite drink, let me share to you this juice bar that I recently discovered. The store name is Mondo Juice. Okay, the first question that you'll have in mind is what's the difference of Mondo Juice from other juice bars? Simple... They have no added sugar (syrups, artificial sweeteners, sherbets etc.) Yes, you might have heard of this before as press released by many, but seriously, Mondo Juice doesn't have any, I checked! :)  

Now you might say that is not enough to convince you. Get this, Mondo Juice uses IQF Fruits or Individual Quick Freezing to deliver the best possible smoothie, how? Well, while other juice bars freeze their fruit 30-45 minutes, Mondo Juices freezes the fruit 1-3 seconds. This technique allows each fruit to seal in all of its nourishing vitamins and flavors. Still not getting what I'm saying here? Well I'll break things down for you guys
- Freshness of the fruit with the help of IQF. Check!
- Mondo Juice packes at least 1/3 pound of fruit in each cup! Meaning you get more of what you pay for.
New offerings every season. Yes, Mondo Juice always have something new in every (lets say) 3 months. They always have something new to offer. (Yeah, I missed the lychee offering) :(
- Blenders are clean! Yes, all are given the proper washing and rinsing. Making sure that every smoothie you order will taste exactly as it should be. (oh they have a few more blenders at the back just in case the line gets crazy)
- You know what you are drinking. Each drink comes with a sticker on the back letting you know the name of your drink and the information your drink consists like calories, protein, vitamin etc.

I can go on and on here but that may sound like I'm pushing Mondo Juice too much, so I've asked my 'critic'  friends to join me as I try out more of Mondo Juice's products. Believe me my friends are ruthless and hard to convince.
My best friend Troy is a science kind of guy so he understands the IQF. He loves to eat and is a gym buff. He ordered the PERFECT PEACH.

Another best friend of mine, Thom is a home buddy and loves to blend fruits for shake at home. He likes fruits especially mangoes... Surprisingly he didn't order mango this time, he had the RASPBERRY RUSH

Another jury in the mix is my wife to be, Nix. This retired wheat grass drinker is in preparation for the big wedding in December. She is a fellow corporate slave and is always in the front line with big responsibility. Her choice? DETOX. With the stressful environment she's in, I couldn't blame her.

and me. :) I ordered POWER UP. (Yes, like the Power Rangers) I'm not hard to please, not easy either. :) So let's go! Now that you met the jurors here's what they have to say.

Troy on his drink PERFECT PEACH
"Given that this is a popular mix, mango and peach really blends well together , adding nectar certainly enhanced the flavors in a natural way. Even though it is mixed well, you can still differentiate it and the taste of the peach would be the first thing you'd notice. It is a little heavy and thick and good. Would I order this again? Definitely."

Thom on why he ordered the RASPBERRY RUSH. 
"I wanted something out of the ordinary and something more adventurous. The drink gives a wild exotic taste. I added  more yogurt even though it already have yogurt in it. The additional Yogurt adds more tanginess which I liked. Among all The three berries that was mixed, The raspberry has the more prominent flavor. "

Nix on why she loved DETOX. 
"The detox is practically a meal by itself, it is thick and very filling. Good for weight watchers like me. I'm in a very stressful and toxic environment, and having this drink is indeed an easy and delicious way of detoxifying after a hard days work. Refreshing and I simply like mangoes combined with other fruits."

My take on the drink POWER UP?
"I like the power up because of its unique flavor, the sour taste of it (which i looovve) gives me the kick I need. The citrusy sourness of it makes me feel l like its filled with good healthy benefits.  Power Up energizes my like the Power Rangers that I used to watch when I was a kid, Yes, it is on their sticker! The pineapple and orange juice taste is more significant and indeed a refreshing drink anytime of the day."

Unlike your average smoothies where they add shaved ice and you can still feel the coarse ice texture, Mondo Juice uses only 2-3 tubes of ice and blends it in a way that you won't get to feel the whole icy texture up to the last sip. As mentioned earlier, Mondo Juice freezes the fruit itself that serves as the ice itself, giving the smoothie a more smoother texture.

Oh another one I liked there is the Lychee Jello. Yes, I love lychee!!!  The jello itself has a subtle taste of lychee. The consistency is ok and just right which makes me keep in digging to find the 'gold' in the middle. (lychees).

Aside from this, they also have some healthy sandwiches for you that are realllly good. :) You should try tge Beef Pastrami while you're there. 

Goal of Mondo Juice? Simple... They are all about being good, natural healthy real and honest. Personally I think Mondo Juice just made healthy & natural eating a while lot easier for us. So  encourage you to check out the place and let me know on what you think of it. Hit me back with your feed back and I'll make sure it reaches Mondo. :)

And to those who are now converted like me, if anyone asks what's your drink.... you say "Juice... Mondo Juice."

Have a happy Mondo everyone!

Mondo Juice is located at Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall and Ali Mall. 

This is Mix signing out!
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