Megadeth is set to rock Manila!

This is indeed one of the most explosive rock event of the year for the real men. Presented by PULP Live Productions and Colt 45, Megadeth: Live in Manila is set to heat up the local music scene with a one-of-a-kind rock experience fit for the man’s man. 

To simply dub Megadeth as “one of the best heavy metal bands in the world”, this legendary four-piece of musicians with a long list of both the band’s achievements and contributions is getting longer by the day, a career spanning more than two decades from their formation in 1983 and until now rocking the scene and one of the many rock bands that are looked up to, Megadeth sure is one of those bands that is worth experiencing. 

Just like country’s most-anticipated rock concert, Colt 45 captures the same adrenaline-pumping experience with its all-new formulation that features a combination of outstanding beer hops such as magnum for flavor, hallertau for aroma, and nugget to balance it all out.

Delivering the perfect chemistry between the three hops, Colt 45 boasts of premium roasted malt to deliver outstanding taste and flavor to suit today’s most discerning beer drinkers. Along with its 7.2% alcohol volume, Colt 45 presents the strongest beer in the market that offers the strongest hit, top-not taste, and the best drinking experience real men can enjoy. 

Watch out for even more exciting events and concerts only from the all-new, reformulated Colt 45, the strongest beer for the real man.

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