Figaro's new Avalanche drinks and delectable desserts

Here we go! Figaro, A Filipino Company that started 1993, making it a point to offer the best of Philippine Coffee and sharing it to the world, they are also committed to exceed expectation every time. And with the launch of their new ice blended drink titled Avalanche, I guess you will also be excited to know if they exceeded yours. So starting August, try these babies out yourselves. :)

First up, The White Chocolate Mocha Frost. Creamy, smooth and milky rich. I feel like a kid when I was drinking this. :)

Choco Chips Java Frost. Consists of dark chocolate bits. with just the right size. Chocolate lovers? This one is for you.

Figaroccino Cookie Crumble. Made with Oreo. This drink has the crunchy and chewy feel of the melted Oreo bits. I think I liked this best. Maybe because the I like the blending of the flavors more in this drink.

Lastly is the Figaroccino Caramel Chips.  That is not Caramel syrup on top but some kind of a powdery substance. I'm recommending half of the whipped with caramel to be mixed with the drink for a fuller rich taste. I got a taste also of the chocolate bit in it, though I am not really sure. I'll make sure to try this one again when I visit Figaro.
These Avalanche drinks are available in 16 oz (P 130.00) and 20 oz (P 150.00) sizes.

If all that drinking made you hungry well, you're in for something. :) The Figaro group also sampled us with their meals. This Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce with Rice Pilaf cost P 150.00. It have just the right amount olive oil in the pest. A little tasty/salty but the taste of the mango and cucumber on the side blends well with the pesto and the chicken.

Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice (P 150.00) have this good touch of vegetable on the side and a nice sauce with some spices that adds a nice touch on the chicken & Java rice.

Well, what is a food event without desserts really? So here it goes! I present to you, Figaro's Orange Coffee Cake and Carrot Cake .
The New Orange Chiffon cake has this sweet and sour flavor of the sponge cake has the right coffee flavored crumbs compliments the soft orange-y sponge cake. Each slive of this cake costs P 105.00 only. Not bad eh? :)

The Carrot Cake is a slice of moist sponge cake. Has carrot bits in it with such nice almond beats that are flavorful enough to satisfy my sweet dessert cravings. Cost of per slice of this cake is P 105.00

These would definitely go well with the Avalanche drinks, a perfect combo indeed. Now you guys have more reason to keep coming back to Figaro. I know I do. :)

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